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Omnichannel Superchat messenger platform raises around 156M led by

While last year’s WhatsApp crash is still shaking the backbone of their 2 billion users, the same is also true for the millions of businesses that are now using it to connect with their customers . As we now know, messaging across all platforms is a new area from which many startup businesses are emerging.

One of the newest is Superchat, which is building an all-in-one messaging platform for SMEs to contact their customers. And those things are needed: According to some studies, 78% of buyers skip trading because of negative experiences. And European companies lose € 13 billion in revenue each year over poor messenger service.

Superchat has now raised $ 15.6 million in a Series A series led by London - based VC Blossom Capital, with a stake of 468 Capital. That means the start - up business has now raised a total of $ 18.8 million.

Alex Lim, managing partner at Blossom Capital, said: “Superchat has built a platform that empowers SMEs to accelerate the benefits of digital channels and provide the best possible service to even the largest customers. famous. The founders and team understand the specific pain points that companies are feeling, and many of them are still reliant on email and phone calls despite the massive digital shift seen as a result. the pandemic. ”

The starter says it pulls conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Telegram, web chat, email and SMS - all into one inbox into the business. By doing this companies get data information about their customers, helping them increase sales and more. All team members can view and reply to messages.

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Founded by Yilmaz Köknar and Mika Hally, the platform has been largely working for German customers to date.

Köknar said: “Today's consumers want and expect to be able to contact businesses anywhere, and whenever it suits them… this can be a logical nightmare for him. the companies, and as a result of bad customer experiences. No one wins within the current status quo, but with Superchat, so does everyone. ”

Superchat is up against a number of well-funded players in this field, including Rake, Messagebird, Smooch and others, so it will be interesting to see how fair it is.

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