Our readers think that Apple should add RCS support to iMessage

Our readers think that Apple should add RCS support to

Apple's iMessage has been a hot topic again in the Android space after the company's cried out for using its messaging app as a "bullying" device. Google will be back to Hiroshi Lockheimer's action he invited Apple to accept RCS, known as the “business standard for today’s messaging,” instead of creating an iMessage app for Android.

This week, we asked our readers if they would prefer Apple to create iMessage for the best Android phones or whether the company should support RCS for better interaction when they are texting Android smartphones. Out of more than 2700 responses, more than 75% voted that Apple would prefer RCS support for its app.

One reader, deltatux, notes that none of Apple's or Google's messaging apps are widely used outside the United States, but bringing RCS to iMessage would still be in Apple's desire. keep its app platform unique:

In many parts of the world iMessage does not have a grip on the messaging market, so this issue is likely to have a major impact on the US. Outside the US, there have been many on WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Signal etc where they are already multitasking.

While RCS is not a great fit, it is just an SMS replacement. Apple wants to lock users in with iMessage to keep iPhone selling, so bringing RCS to iMessage would not go against their desire to lock in iPhone users .

Outside of the US, I'm not sure how strong it would be for consumers if Apple launched iMessage on Android as many iPhone users in these markets tend to multitask messaging app. used with iMessage already and Android users seem to be comfortable there already.

Here in Canada, people often expect you to have at least WhatsApp. Sure iMessage is widely used here but it is not as expected as it seems in the States.

Another reader, hmmm, thinks that he agrees that accepting RCS is the best way forward, but be warned to rely on Google for anything related to messaging:

I have no worries at all. I use SMS because it works on anything. However, I would advise any company not to do anything that relies on Google when it comes to messaging. History shows that Google is not good, or even mediocre, at messaging. Of these two options rcs on apple devices makes more sense. Apple can even keep the RCS messages green so that still mentally impaired people will be pressured to buy an apple.

For now, Apple has not just responded to Google 's invitation to support RCS, but its silence on the matter speaks volumes. At this point, perhaps we should not raise our hopes.

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