Pixel Watch rumors take over Google Assistant's flagship update, Exynos chipset

1640199456 Pixel Watch rumors take over Google Assistants flagship update

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Rumors still suggest that Google is preparing to launch Pixel Watch relatively soon. The latest evidence comes from the recently updated Google app and Wear OS 3 emulator.

9to5Google found a reference to the Pixel Watch in a recent update to the Google app. The code refers to "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH," similar to how Google specifies Pixel-exclusive software features within its applications. Not only does this identify a watch, but it does reveal that some features that come with this tattoo machine may not reach other Wear OS watches.

So far, that may include the watch faces found in the Wear OS 3 emulator, but other than that, it's not known.

Additionally, 9to5Google found a new design for Google Assistant in the emulator. From the image, the design mirrors the Supporter's view on Android smartphones, with a light bar appearing at the bottom of the screen.

The image also features a promotion button above the crown, which has not been collected in any Pixel Watch offerings. That means it could look like a complete redesign for OS OS 3.

That said, it could coincide with the "Next Generation Assistant" that 9to5Google expects to come alongside the watch. This is similar to the Pixel version of Google Assistant that allows on-device processing, suggesting a vastly improved AI experience on the Pixel Watch.

Finally, 9to5Google has found references to the Exynos chip alongside a reference to Rohan, which is a code-name for the Pixel Watch. This could suggest that Google will jump out on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 that powers some of the newer Wear OS watches, or its successor. Instead, it will either use the same chip as the Galaxy Watch 4, which has been proven to work well, or it will be a completely different chip.

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As Samsung builds the Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 based on its Exynos design, it looks like Google will go a similar route with its smartwatch to match branding across devices. That way, Google can play the clock's AI processing capabilities, which would be very important since Google Assistant has been very poor on Wear OS, at least.

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