PocketDrum puts a virtual drum pack in your hands. It's even on sale before Black Friday

PocketDrum puts a virtual drum pack in your hands Its.jpegsignature324de89ad6b6cb376dd73294a0d67d33

TLDR: The app-enabled smart drums are like a giant drum placed in front of you whenever you want to play.

I can't wait for my child to become a drummer ... no parent has ever said that. Look, no parent wants to destroy their child 's dreams. However, self-preservation is a feature of how these dreams manifest. Even if a child is musically inclined and ready to start playing instruments, Mom or Dad is never going to want to get a big, bulky, expensive drum kit without some bad arms. . And that doesn't even pay attention to the sound. Oh, Lord… the sound.

But… drums gotta drum. They feel it. It is obvious. that's why Aeroband's PocketDrum ($ 101.11 after code SAVE15NOV from TNW Deals) is perhaps just one of the greatest creations in parent-dom history. And dom-music. And maybe a handful of other doms too.

Successfully funded by Indiegogo fans, the PocketDrum is an app-enabled pair of drums that allow drums at almost any skill level to get the bash, driving the beat almost anytime, anywhere any, even in places where drums are not very welcome.

These smart sticks connect via Bluetooth to your favorite portable device. Light as a feather and as convenient as they can be tucked into your pocket, the PocketDrum syncs with the AeroBand app, allowing players to drop a beat without a p drum bag or even a single drum.

Cured to feel and respond like real drums hitting a drum head, the PocketDrum offers both real and sound playback situations. Starter drums can get a feel for what it takes to be a band's heartbeat, and experienced drums can refresh their talents, all without a drum in sight.

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Players can get up to 10 hours of drumming on a single charge, as long as they go in through earbuds. They can sustain the attack, as long as no one else around them hears anything.

Right now, you can check out at least one item off your holiday shopping list with the PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks, valued at $ 139 which is now an additional 15 percent off the already discounted price when customers enter the code pre-black Friday SAVE15NOV. That drops the final cost of a parent's best friend down to just $ 101.11.

Prices are subject to change

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