Poll: Should CES 2022 be postponed?

Poll Should CES 2022 be postponed

CES 2022 is just a few weeks away, but as it gets closer, companies and technical publications have started pulling out due to concerns about Omicron, the latest COVID-19 version. Several high-profile companies, including Amazon and Meta, have already pulled out of the show. T-Mobile is also drastically reducing its presence, and its CEO is completely back from giving a keynote address.

That said, many companies planning to attend have yet to announce any changes to their plans.

With CES expected to return to full power and the event only weeks away, do you think CES should be postponed to keep attendees safe?

CES is one of the premier annual tech trade shows where companies showcase their latest consumer products. While the show doesn't focus too much on smartphones, companies tend to launch other devices such as the best Android TVs. There are bound to be a lot of concept models as well, like the TCL rollable display technology they showed off last year.

However, with more companies pulling out of the show, it is starting to look very similar to CES 2022, which was a real link because of the growing concerns about Covid. And with his back rising, it could be very true this time around.

That said, the organizers have implemented a number of health protocols to help protect the expected 2100 exhibitors. That includes requiring confirmation of a full COVID-19 vaccine, wearing masks indoors, and social distance. Organizers have also set up on-site trials, wider walkways around the center, better ventilation, sanitation stations, and more.

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It doesn’t look good for CES, which can only surprise us about the upcoming MWC 2022, which is expected to return for a personal event in February, along with IFA later in the year.

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