Pregnant people are not yet vaccinated against Covid

Pregnant people are not yet vaccinated against Covid

Clinicians have also begun to report a specific side effect of Covid during pregnancy, known as Covid placentitis. Placentitis is an inflammation of the placenta, usually caused by an infectious agent, and is associated with stillbirth. And, more worryingly, the cases do not appear in patients with the most severe manifestations of Covid - they appear in those with moderate to moderate issues.

As of July 2021, more than 99 per cent of pregnant women admitted to UK hospitals with Covid-19 symptoms were unvaccinated. But vaccine abuse cannot be blamed on just spreading false information. In fact, some of it can be boiled down to garbled public health messages. Public health agencies in different parts of the world have changed ways again: Initially the vaccines were not offered to pregnant women. They could then opt out of the vaccine, but this was not actively recommended. It took a full eight months after vaccines were first available to recommend them to pregnant women in the US.

The inconsistency has made pregnant women unsure of who to listen to or what the current advice is. (The term "pregnant" includes "transgender and non - transgender parents." When the message changed, everyone got the memo, "said Viki Male, a pregnancy psychologist studying at Imperial College London. It doesn't matter if the public health body has renewed the guidance If news of the change does not reach the intended audience, it does not help.

A study by Shah's company, Maven Clinic, asked 500 nationally pregnant women in the US why they did not receive the vaccine. More than 60 per cent did not know that they were recommended to be vaccinated while pregnant. (Even today, the UK Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency's public assessment webpage on the Pfizer vaccine currently warns that “sufficient assurance cannot be given about safe use of the vaccine in women who are currently pregnant "and women who are breastfeeding cannot. the vaccine should not be on it either - both wrong.)

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A man identifies Canada as a country he has handled better: Authorities have clearly stated any changes in policy, she says, and as a result, the percentage of people who pregnant with a fully vaccinated baby is significantly higher compared to the US and UK. In the Ontario region, for example, nearly 60 percent of people who became pregnant in September had received at least one dose.

While health authorities were holding a mother, pregnant women were told to turn to trusted specialists instead: their midwives, primary care providers, and ob-gyns. But the messages they received were mixed. In a Maven Clinic survey, a third of respondents said they had been advised against the vaccine by medical providers. Another study of pregnant women in the UK by Pregnant Then Screwed, a maternity campaign charity, found that more than 40 per cent said they had been asked to question the safety of the vaccine by health professionals.

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