Prepare your playlist: Many job hunters use music to relax before an interview

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A survey found that people also use answers to difficult questions and use PTOs when they need to schedule an interview during working hours.

Job hunters use answers to common interview questions and plan a small speech and joke in advance to alleviate anxiety about job interviews, a study found.

Respondents stated that the two worst activities are public speaking at 44% and job interviews at 29%. First dates and doctor / dentist visits were significantly lower at 14% and 12%. Job interviews are a form of public speaking, so it's easy to see why people are so anxious about not being able to answer difficult questions and not make a good impression.

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JDP, an employment screening company, found that people spend about seven hours researching a company before entering for an interview and are likely to look for messenger information, finance, and management content. Sixty-four percent also seek information about the interviewer.

Here's what people are likely to do to relax before leaving for an interview:

  • Listen to music to relax 64%
  • View 41%
  • Using advanced self-talk 29%
  • 23% Medication
  • Exercise 23%

In January, the JDP surveyed 2,018 people about how they prepare for job interviews. On average, respondents were 37 years old; 57% were female, 43% male. The majority of respondents were mid-level professionals — 57% —with 27% at junior level and 16% at advanced level.


    Hunting full-time and work

    More than half of respondents said that they record interviews during regular working hours and 60% were looking for new work and even applying while on the clock. Here's how people handle being away from work to be interviewed for a new job:

    • PTO Usage 23%
    • I went at lunch 10%
    • Make up 9% excuse
    • Working from home 5%
    • Telling the truth 4%
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    Respondents seemed to trust their colleagues with 64% saying they would ask a chef to be a comment without worrying about who told the boss.

    How do the outdoors prepare?

    It's always good to be ahead, especially when it comes to competitive careers. There was no evidence in the survey that these techniques work but it never hurts to try a new technique when looking for a new job.

    Only 37% of respondents said they do fake interviews before the real thing. Running dry with a trusted colleague or even in front of a mirror can calm your nerves and help you use the answers to difficult questions.

    Twenty per cent of respondents report taking a drink for an interview. Getting a small bottle of water can provide an insurance policy against worrying that your mouth is dry.

    Six percent of respondents make a thankful list before entering for an interview. This can help you gain insight into what is going on with your current job and can ease any despair about finding a new one. .

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