Project management v. business process management: What you need to know

1642177656 Project management v business process management What you need to

These two regulatory issues are interrelated, but they are distinct and different.

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When looking at business process management (BPM) and project management (PM), it's sometimes like the old chicken and egg saying: It's sometimes difficult to decide who comes first. The truth is, they are mutually exclusive. Change in business processes can need to motivate a project, and starting a new project can drive changes in business processes.

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Some businesses may see project management at the forefront, while others see business process management as a guide. This can become an ongoing philosophical debate in which there is a long-term explanation.

Before looking at the connection between processes and projects, it is essential to define both as unique and distinct subjects.


    What is business process management?

    Business process management involves the redesign and management of processes within a company or workflow. It is not really a project but an ongoing initiative to ensure that company processes are working effectively to meet company objectives. A company can start a specific development project. That project would have a specific start and end, but the company would set up an ongoing monitoring and management process that would continue after the project closed.

    What is project management?

    Project management has a marked beginning and end; there are no continuous levels or components as there are process instructions. Projects achieve specific goals within a set timeline and follow five specific stages: start-up, design, execution, monitoring and control, and closure. Projects are led by a project manager and his team. In contrast, business process management initiatives can be managed by a business analyst, business process development expert, or other executive team leaders.

    How do processes and projects affect each other?

    Now that we have looked at each as a separate topic, it is essential to recognize how business process management and project management must work together to create organizational success. When BPM is maximized, it will create a firmer foundation for the effective implementation of projects. When internal processes are not working properly, project work can become more complex, causing changes in scope to address workflow issues. On the other hand, when projects are initiated, they often override existing processes. This can be a problem if these processes are already working properly.

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    Do you need a change manager?

    Continuous monitoring and balancing of business processes and projects is an ongoing effort that requires the assistance of a knowledgeable change management expert who is experienced and experienced in managing the impact of change. inside industry. These experts in particular help companies to ensure that changes have minimal impact on their processes, especially as it relates to people. If your company has a change management expert, follow him or her to ensure smooth transitions in the future.

    Best practices for process and project management

    Here are some best practices to maximize the success of any business:

    • Make sure you see BPMs and PMs as partners with an interest in outcomes

    • When planning projects or business process changes, where possible, enlist the help of cross-functional team members, industry analysts, project managers, and change management experts.

    • Create a detailed project plan that impacts project objectives and process impacts

    • Maintain constant communication - it's vital

    • Identify all potential risk points during actions

    • Monitor progress regularly to capture changes and issues properly

    Remember, while business process management and project management are specific topics, they directly affect each other. To maximize business success, your business will need these two to work together.

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