Re-stock Walmart PS5 confirmed for later today under one condition

Re stock Walmart PS5 confirmed for later today under one condition

Today is a great opportunity to complete your PS5 restocking mission. Walmart has confirmed that it will be getting both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition from 3f ET. Slow down for a second though, as this will again be limited to paying Walmart + subscribers.

Walmart + is a paid membership service, similar to Amazon Prime, but without video streaming. In addition to exclusive access to these token restocks, you also get free delivery from your store - including grocers. You also get scan & take-in purchases, fuel discounts, and Rx discount orders.

Keep your horses up though, we know you may only be interested in signing up to increase your chances of bagging a PS5. While there is a free trial for Walmart Plus, you have to be a paid member to get in early so you have to forget the free trial. Proceed to Walmart + registration page and scroll down a bit and click the 'Start Paid Membership' button. Prices are $ 12.95 for a month, or $ 98 for a year.

Check out the linked registration pages below and expect PS5 stock to go live at 3pm ET Monday. The PS5 will be at $ 499 while the PS5 Digital Edition costs $ 399. Anything higher for the consoles alone third-party resale too expensive - avoid. The landing page may change for the default PS5, so please check for it with the check function as well if it does not show the correct price closer to 3pm.

Also sign in well in advance and make sure your shipping and payment information is already entered into your account information, with fewer screens you need to load more best if you are lucky enough to get a PS5 in your basket. Expect the Walmart site to slow down, and it may crash as often happens when sources give positive feedback on PS5 restocking. Believe me, I have spent over a year writing about them.

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    Download Walmart for PS5

    Check out these sources for PS5 stock as well

    You’ll need a little extra storage and maybe an extra pad as well, so check out our guide on where to buy the various PS5 controller colors and also the best PS5 SSD picks.

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