Report: The Last of Us PS5 remake is almost complete, it could launch in 2022

Report The Last of Us PS5 remake is almost complete

The previously reported PS5 remake of The Last of Us is almost complete and could launch in 2022, according to Tom Henderson, who showed little experience working within various game development teams. Henderson joins his claims with the VGC uprising, which notes that Henderson 's intelligence matches his own.

Bloomberg first shared news that this remake was for The Last of Us in 2022, as part of a larger report on how Sony's focus on blockbusters was causing problems at various teams across PlayStation Studios. This remake was reportedly first developed by a small team under the Visual Arts Service Group, before being transferred to Naughty Dog.

Henderson also claims that The Last of Us Part 2 Director's Cut is currently being developed along with the new Factions multiplayer experience, though he does not know when there is a slate for the launch of these games.

Sony has several major games currently slated to arrive in 2022, with Horizon Forbidden West at Guerrilla Games scheduled for February 18, 2022 and Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 7 coming on March 4th. it does not currently have a specific release date.

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