Reset your computer once a year for a happier life

1641658602 Reset your computer once a year for a happier life

Reset your laptop This is one of the most powerful weapons you have in your rescue weapon. It puts your Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS computer back to the state it was in when you first got it home from the repository, which means that none of the items are compromised, or insects, which may have picked up in your shop. time since then.

Fortunately, the process is much easier than before. Microsoft, Apple, and Google have installed tools for the work within their operating systems. Many applications have relied more on the cloud, so it looks like your important data is already backed up somewhere online, ready for download.

Replacing machines has become a cliché when it comes to getting them back to work, but that's because it's really an effective device. As time goes on, software can overheat, options files can become corrupted, and your computer's driver can become cluttered with useless stuff.

Not only that, but reinstallation removes most - though not necessarily all - malware and other unwanted programs that may be entering the app. -your system. Once you put your computer back in square one, you are basically getting started from the very beginning, with the ability to load just the apps and files you need.

At times, this process was fraught with difficulty and danger; one deceptive move and your photo library could be lost forever. But today it is simple and fast enough to manage most people without much trouble.

That said, make sure you have everything you need before you start. Where are your important photos, videos and documents? Can you reinstall the trusted software from the web? Are your browser passwords and other data synced somewhere safe?

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Services like Netflix and Spotify mean that we do not store as much content on our computers as we once did, but do a full review of everything you have saved locally. It is about to be erased, so make sure it is stored safely somewhere else. If you do not already have that, it will help to sign up for a cloud storage service or connect an external hard drive here.

Not ready to do the hard reset today? It may still be worth taking the time to free up space on your computer and remove unnecessary programs.

With the data maintained and prepared out of the way, you are ready to reset your laptop and enjoy the benefits of a clean slate.


Photo: Microsoft

Open the Windows options panel tron cog image on the start up menu, then select Updates & security and Recovery. Click Reset PC to start the reset process. Windows itself recommends going through a reset as a way to improve the performance of a computer that is not running well.

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