Salesforce adds out-of-the-box B2B discount management to its CRM platform

1640179333 Salesforce adds out of the box B2B discount management to its CRM platform

The new feature brings back discounts from spreadsheets and gives visibility to sales teams, customers and anyone else who needs to see.

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Today, Salesforce announced the addition of Rebate Management to its messenger relationship management (CRM) platform, which they said will make it easier to track a vital revenue source, but often watched. "Despite their importance, discount programs are often embedded within back office ERP systems and point solutions or hosted on spreadsheets. In many cases, only the finance team accessing this data, causing disconnection when sales teams and distributors need to update on progress. towards their discounts, "said Salesforce Industry Cloud COO and GM Jujhar Singh.

Salesb Rebate Management integrates with any Salesforce cloud product and is designed to support businesses that rely on distributed networks to sell products, such as the automotive, manufacturing and freight companies -use. The hope, Singh said, is that digitization of discount programs "will enable collaboration, automate the discovery of programs and payments and provide a single source of truth for discount data, accessible to relevant employees and channel partners in one place. "

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Singh writes that the Rebate Rule will allow any party that needs to monitor the discount status, such as sales teams, to monitor their channel partner's rebate status, to view warranty transactions o recently, see which partners are eligible, and find out how close channels are to eligible for more discounts. “Sales teams can now be alerted to this opportunity and reach out to the partner to close a mutually profitable final sale,” Singh said.

In addition to supporting internal collaboration, Rebate Management also includes tools for automating, customizing and tracking business intelligence metrics of discounts too: It even goes so far as to add bespoke analytics capabilities to reimburse programs by using historical data to predict which channel participants. get the most out of discount programs.

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Rebate Administration also monitors payments vs. revenue in several regional markets and allows teams to design offers for specific regions and customers. In addition, the software also upgrades program review and payment processes, which Singh said will free up financial teams and eliminate the potential for human error.

As well as increasing internal visibility and adding discount programs, Rebate Management is also available for channel partners in their company’s portals. Using the portal, distributors will be able to check the status of repayments awaiting payment, their current status for monthly discounts and total savings over the past year. Singh said, which will increase transparency and help build trust between manufacturers. and circulators.

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Rebate Management is the second channel and messenger promotion program launched by Salesforce in 2022, replacing Loyalty Management, which launched in January. Both devices could be invaluable after COVID-19 as businesses struggle with concerns about consumer loyalty.

“As companies continue to manage the pandemic and economic recovery, mitigation programs can play an important role in building loyalty with channel partners that help to revenue management of companies, "Singh said. Refund Management is now available for any Salesforce customer with the permission of an existing cloud administrator.


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