Salesforce joins Hollywood in partnering with Disney Studios Content

1639756140 Salesforce joins Hollywood in partnering with Disney Studios Content

Disney is opting for state-of-the-art technology to accelerate production with Salesforce as StudioLAB's Innovation Partner.

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They say politics makes weird beds. The same can be said for technology. On Wednesday, Salesforce and Disney Studios Content announced a partnership to help Disney marketers and filmmakers bring fans closer to stories and characters on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is the first innovation partner to bring software to Disney Studios ’StudioLAB, which brings the latest technology to entertainment experiences and production capabilities.

Both companies said they will explore new ways to improve the content production lifecycle and make it easier to deliver personalized experiences by reiterating how Disney content is delivered to fans through theater releases and streaming services.

Use the partnership
360 Salesforce Customer Platform

, which incorporates sales, service, marketing and trading models to initially focus on reproducing production by:

● Developed digital workflows to help manage Disney Studios content production and marketing.

● Supports better execution decisions by providing real-time 360 ​​view of media buildings performance.

● Using simple, mobile-first technologies to help studio staff access updates and streamline workflows quickly from any device, anywhere.

The partnership will marry Salesforce technology and Disney filmmaking capabilities across Disney entertainment studios including Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.

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“Disney has always been on the go with visual storytelling and innovative filmmaking,” Sarah Franklin, president and chief marketing officer of Salesforce, said in a statement. “We are thrilled to be exploring new avenues with the StudioLAB team and exploring new ways to build stronger relationships with their community of fans around the world. "

Disney's Salesforce platform will help speed up and better coordinate the production process, Jamie Voris, chief technology officer at Disney Studios Content, said in a statement. “With Salesforce as our innovation partner, we can bring world-class technology to our marketers and storytellers to better deliver against the incredible content we have designed for audiences. streaming and theater. "

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    Making the marketing and sales process more integrated

    In a blog post, Salesforce said it created Customer Data Manager 360 to help marketers keep up with customer requests. The new cross-cloud technology initiative is designed to bring Salesforce B2C marketing, commerce and service work better together.

    When administrators use Customer 360 Data Manager, they log the various instances of Cloud Marketing, Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud. From there, the system maps messenger records from Cloud Person Accounts, Cloud Marketing subscribers and Cloud Trading Customer Profiles into a single unified view of the customer, the company said.

    360 Customer Data Manager also offers a customer solution by assigning a "unique ID to each individual so that these multiple records of that individual can be linked together across different systems."

    Salesforce said it aims to continue to deliver “Amazon-like experiences” to give organizations tools to build a single unified view of their customer.

    The company said it also plans to focus on improving Salesforce B2B integration, especially those with multi-organizational usage, to maximize efficiency and ease of use.

    Salesforce’s B2B products are designed to allow customers to access all of their information in one place for marketing, sales, B2B trading and service data.

    For example, marketing teams can see how their campaigns turn into leads, opportunities, pipelines and sales, according to Salesforce. Sales representatives can look at support issues before entering a meeting, and support representatives can see open sales opportunities. In addition, the hierarchy of messenger accounts and detailed contact information aims to provide greater granular visibility.

    Cloud Sales, Cloud Service, Pardot, B2B Commerce, CPQ, Cloud Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Services, and Lightning Platform all use the same data model, called Standard and Custom Object, the company said. The modules work together and also provide the data in Einstein Analytics and the Salesforce Mobile app.

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