Scarcity of PS5 supply: Conflicts affect gamers and developers alike

1640168002 Scarcity of PS5 supply Conflicts affect gamers and developers alike

The lack of a semiconductor chip has hampered the Sony PS5 release. When could provision be customized and how do developers influence it?

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It’s not uncommon for released game consoles to be a hot product, but the multifaceted supply chain turmoil is making things difficult for gamers looking for the Sony PS5. Since Sony released the console on November 12, a worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips has been plagued by a continuing pandemic that has led to limited console supply amid high demand. To better understand the factors behind the shortage, when supply chains may normalize, and how these disruptions affect gamers and developers alike, we spoke to experts in games and logistics.


    Lack of PS5 and supply chain bottles

    As previously reported by TechRepublic, a number of factors behind the conventional semiconductor chip shortage include COVID-19-related closure, global politics, and more. In the 21st century, semiconductor chips are vital to a wide spectrum of industries and consumer products from smartphones to luxury cars. This means that token manufacturers are now waiting for new businesses for chip production space.

    "Modern cars, especially with the powertrain changes towards electrification, are basically smart devices on wheels and are more semiconductor hungry than ever before," said Gabriel Werner, vice president. sitting and EMEA solutions advisor at Blue Yonder.

    Renee Gittins, executive director at the International Association of Game Developers, said last year there were fires at two Japanese factories involved in the chipset supply chain, which put additional pressure on both supply chips Japanese and global.

    “The huge demand for PS5s coupled with the chip shortage may have hit Sony particularly hard as Japanese companies tend to follow manufacturing standards just in time for a halt. accumulating a stock of components before they are needed, making them more susceptible to the supply chain. disputes, "Gittins said.

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    How long does the shortage last?

    To score new tokens, many avid gamers have little choice but to scour online retailers and update websites throughout the day as new loads become available. So how long could the shortage of chips and limited PS5 last?

    Gittins said the semiconductor shortage is unlikely to be "fully relieved" until next year, although she said the situation should "improve over 2022." While possible these shortages could lead to winter vacation buying time.

    “PS5 demand will remain high for a long time as Sony seems to want to move at least 15 million units, so I suspect we will see challenges with circulation until after the holiday sales increase this year, "said Gittins.

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    Puneet Saxena, global vice president of the global manufacturing division at Blue Yonder, offered a relatively more optimistic outlook and said the situation could take between three and four months to resolve. None of these estimates will help logistics and delivery in the coming months.

    “There is short-term frustration for gamers on the road ahead,” Saxena said.

    Influence on game developers and studios

    It is not clear whether the shortages present as a short-term challenge or as a logical barrier. However, the current shortage of semiconductor chips and reduced supply of PS5 consoles could affect developers and studios in this space.

    "The average profit margins of the game are very small or even negative. While we see a lot of blocking hits, the average studio is always struggling to meet, so this could cause confusion. It's good to have studios going below that which would have been successful, "Gittins said.

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    The scarcity and limited access of consoles are causing game developers to miss out on marketing and sales opportunities, Gittins said, although many developers are releasing projects on console generations that were before. At the moment, gamers are the biggest sufferers of the supply shortage, she said.

    “With both the PS5 and next generation conventional graphics cards in short supply, it will be difficult for avid gamers to find a platform to enjoy the high quality graphics and gameplay of the most advanced game consoles. soil, "said Gittins.

    Forecasting future AI and supply chains

    Necessity begets inventions, as the old adage goes. So how do the lessons learned through this shortage of supply affect the way organizations predict future supply and output? In the age of accelerated digital transformation, some companies may be looking to adopt automated tools to streamline workflows.

    A “revised approach” to consumer electronics supply chain management focused on resilience “has become a major topic of debate throughout the entire electronic value chain,” according to Saxena. Instead of predicting consumer demand with traditional methods, Saxena said some manufacturers are exploring the use of artificial intelligence to "detect changes in demand patterns much faster."

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