SelectTV can pull your entire streaming universe together in one place for life for less than $ 80

SelectTV can pull your entire streaming universe together in one.jpegsignaturec99c734ba0cc57bf37ff174bb51e8252

TLDR: With SelectTV, your streaming subscriptions and other viewing options are centralized and organized in one place, comprising a library of over 500,000 TV and movie shows.

When did the simple act of watching TV become so complicated? You may have never thought that you would be overwhelmed by the process of watching your favorite TV shows or movies, but in the age of streaming, that can be a more satisfying approach than we ever thought possible.

Are you logged in to the correct portal? Does it connect to the right streaming device? And the big one - what freakin streaming service is stupid, again? As you doubt whether Ted Lasso is on Netflix or Hulu (trick question… it's on Apple TV), maybe it's time to consider a solution that will centralize and organize your universe- who at all.

SelectTV ($ 79.99 with STREAM20 code for lifetime membership from TNW Deals) the streaming app that connects your entire visual experience together, offering a single, easy - to - use interface that turns your galaxy of streaming services and other sources into a single digital media management continuous.

With SelectTV, members have access to over 150 channels of live entertainment, as well as a dedicated entertainment library of over 500,000 TV shows and movies thrown away from across the web. Additionally, you can also add your various streaming accounts, and then see them all appear in the SelectTV app. All you have to show up in one place, finding and watching your favorite shows and movies is very simple.

Because you may be spending so much time scrolling through streaming services looking for what you should watch, SelectTV's all-powerful guide scans, updates and manages over 2 million video links per day. That will give viewers the most up - to - date list so they can spend less time watching and more time watching.

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At the same time, SelectTV memberships also give members access to the best prices on on-demand video footage, shows and live events.

And whichever way you prefer your streaming experience, SelectTV takes over, incorporating compatibility with most smart TVs and both Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and other tools.

The lifetime of access to SelectTV’s Streaming App is consistently close to $ 500, but with this deal, you can not only enjoy a nearly 80 percent discount, but there are more savings available as well. When you enter coupon code STREAM20 at checkout, that deducts another 20 percent off the total, taking the the final price down to just $ 79.99. In addition, buyers will also receive $ 20 store credit towards your next purchase from TNW Deals Store.

Prices are subject to change

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