Setting up high-value lead magnets that deliver value - TechCrunch

Setting up high value lead magnets that deliver value TechCrunch

Sales stand and fall in the lead, but attracting prospects and turning them into buyers is an art that few have yet grasped. About 61% of marketers consider generating and managing traffic their biggest challenge, according to Hubspot. Why?

There are currently three problems hindering the visibility of a website. First, all digital competition is augmented for the Google search engine. Second, new privacy policies in Europe and the US restrict data collection, limiting various marketing opportunities. Finally, consumers are expressing a growing concern about calculating the cost of profit from providing their contact information to businesses.

Opposing problems does not mean that all hope is lost, however. On the other hand: Those who strategically align lead generation with the goals of their potential customers will benefit greatly. The key is to build a doorknob for continuous communication - lead magnets.

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Let’s explore what key magnets are and how you can design and implement them effectively to build a strong messenger relationship from the very beginning.

Many companies are quick to point out that the moment when a main magnet is displayed affects consumer behavior.


    Attractive charm of lead magnets

    In physics, the movements of the +/- poles in magnetic fields generate energy. It's like websites: By introducing different magnets that encourage different actions, you create a strong environment to stimulate a user 's interest. A key magnet is on-demand content that encourages users to provide their contact information (“sign in”), so that you can engage in the future. In a survey of 1,000 bloggers, we found that those who used prime magnets were 57% more likely to report strong results from their content marketing.

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    To help you see, scroll through Innovatrics' "How Live Detector Prevents Identity Theft Case Studies." A user interested in a case study can use the rooted contact form to download the entire document for free. Once the visitor registers, Innovatrics can send this email to a weekly newsletter about new content or other valuable resources about biometric technology.

    Today, 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy. Instead, they either get to know your brand (awareness level) or consider your products as one of many options (consideration level). In these early stages, you want to have opportunities to put down contact information so that you can link them to personalized emails in the future. Unfortunately, very few customers simply provide their data in this way. This is exactly where attractive magnets fit into the equation.

    Essential properties for creating high-turn magnets

    Magnets can be anything that provides added value, whether it be benchmarking studies, guides, interactive questionnaires, short or long format video content, or anything else. The purpose is to exchange a link, just like an ethical bribe. To effectively design magnets for multiple buyers and decision levels, you must first ask yourself the following questions.

    Does the magnet solve a problem?

    If your main magnet does not solve a visitor 's problem, or does not help them to achieve the goal, your hard work has gone to waste.

    To find out if your magnet is fit for purpose, you need to listen to your audience. Here, SEO tools come in handy, allowing you to do keyword analysis or analysis. Browsing through the long and short tail keywords with the highest level of analysis will help you quickly find out what kind of answers potential leaders are looking for.

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