Shokz OpenRun Pro bone-moving headphones lift the bass

Shokz OpenRun Pro bone moving headphones lift the bass

I have been heavily using headphones for bone movement for years and I can attest to how low this shape factor is. Fortunately, things are improving. Along with the recent name change to Shokz (formerly Afrashokz), the company has delivered this long - wanted feature update to their line of bone-carrying headphones. The new product is called OpenRun Pro ($ 179.95) and there is a huge increase in bass with this Bluetooth 5.1 headset. In addition, Shokz is renaming its existing product line to connect objects to Aeropex to OpenRun and Xtrainerz now known as OpenSwim.


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    For those new to bone marrow transduction, let me clarify a few things. These are not yet well measure up to in-ear or in-ear models, as they have an open ear design. The transducers rest against your incoming cheeks face your ears and give sound to the inner ear through the bone. It's a different delivery system for sound that leaves your ears open to the world, which can be a two - edged sword. They are not good on the subway or in noisy environments in general. Don't worry, though, this same design lets you walk, run or bike around and listen to music while still hearing the world around you. And with the updates we are seeing, the audio experience is better than ever.

    To date, low depression has long been a problem for this form factor. The OpenRun (Aeropex) has good measurement rates and a reasonable frequency response compared to previous models. But now that I've tested the OpenRun Pro, there's a big improvement in the low - end spectrum. I do not mean that they are so high that they literally kick off your cheeks (as the old Titanium model did). These deliver great sub-frequency to give your tunes more depth without too much tactile repetition. My usual listening is techno and electronic music (like this) and it holds up well. The decibel specifications and frequency response are the same as before, but acoustic tweaks have yielded results. For bone-carrying headphones, the OpenRun Pro looks great.

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    Other desirable developments in this new model include equipment capability and cost. The curve over the ears is more rounded and the side pitches are 20 percent smaller than before. This makes them feel light and comfortable. Battery life has gone up from 8 to 10 hours of listening and you can fully charge in an hour (full hour less than before). In addition, we are told that you will receive 1.5 hours worth of listening in five minutes of charges. Great feature when settling in for exercise and hearing the headset shout "charge me".

    If you've just gotten Aeropex headphones over the holidays, don't worry. I have been using them for a long time and enjoyed the experience. I even feel that while there's not much bass, those could be rubbing higher in the mid-range to higher than the new model.

    In addition, the OpenRun Pro has a complete waterproof trademark for better sound. An elegant mesh grate covers two vines at the front and bottom of the grommet-based delivery system, converting it to IP55 waterproof (still more than adequate). The OpenRun (Aeropex) maintains its IP67 rating due to its sealed circulation. If you want to throw these in the shower, you're in a good place (but maybe consider OpenSwim if this's a habit).

    As of today, the entire line available for purchase includes the new OpenRun Pro ($ 179.95) with a few new colors (though only available in black at launch) . The full-featured OpenSwim is still $ 149.95, while the OpenRun ($ 129.95) is still available at the recently lowered price.

    The new OpenRun Pro color options.


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