Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike is stepping down as CEO

signal founder moxie marlinspike is stepping down as ceo

Over the past few months, Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike has been speaking to candidates who can take over as CEO of the company. That's what Marlinspike has revealed in a post about his retirement over the next month, where he talked about struggling to do almost everything on his own before the Signal Foundation was established four years ago. The foundation provided $ 50 million to the encrypted messaging app in funding from WhatsApp co - founder Brian Acton, providing Signal with the money it needed to be able to hire and expand.

Prior to accessing the funding, Marlinspike said he wrote all Android and server code, enabling product development and resolving issues that the service may have on its own. Now, he said, Signal is a group of 30 people who have all their functions, and can turn off his phone without worrying that the service would be disrupted. “In other words, after ten years or more, it's hard to over-emphasize the importance of Signal to me, but I now feel very comfortable being in my place as an established CEO on our team, and I also think that it is an important step for expansion. on the success of Signal, "he wrote.

Marlinspike will stay on board Signal and focus on finding the next CEO for the service over the next month. For now, Acton will be the interim CEO. While talking about this move as a step towards the expansion of Signal, he did not say for sure why he is leaving his post. TechCrunch thinks it may have something to do with MobileCoin, a digital currency linked to Signal that allows users to exchange digital coins through the app. It's also not clear what the next Marlinspike will do, alone appearing on Twitter that he is “resting for a while. ”

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