Snap claims US Patent Office bids for trademark 'Spectacles'

Snap claims US Patent Office bids for trademark Spectacles

The creator of Snapchat Snap has sued the US Trademark and Trademark Office (USPTO) for rejecting a claim the company filed to use the word "glasses" to identify the use of the same name. In a complaint that saw , Snap states that the use of the word “indicates a mismatch between an 18th century term for corrective eyes and 21st century high - tech Snap smart glasses. ”

The complaint stems from a continuing disagreement between Snap and the USPTO over whether "spectacles" is the term that can be applied to a pair of smart glasses. At the organisation's Trademark Test and Appeal Board published in November, the USPTO said the use of Snap de Spectacles had not met the "specificity" required for a trademark. "Spectacles are so commonly used to describe the nature of the product or the competitive products, rather than any particular source of the product," the USPTO said at the time. In suing the USPTO, Snap hopes to overturn the bidding board's decision.

Snap first filed for the Spectacles trademark in 2022, the same year it released the first-generation model. Despite involvement, the handicraft was a break for the company. At one point, Snap was reportedly collecting dust in Chinese warehouses. However, even after losing the first version, two new models were released and it recently released a pair of.

To that end, Snap says, thanks to social media marketing, word of mouth and media marketing, consumers have come to associate the word "glasses" with their brand, a claim that the USPTO is promoting. 'connspaid. In the same opinion in November, the group Spectacles wrote “social media accounts have a very small number of followers, and the number of followers is very small.

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