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Snapchat knows you want to see what you would look

Snapchat released an AR Avatar lens AR filter today, which will make you look like a Sims character. Alternatively, on a newer look, it makes you look like the meta-cross. To use the lens, open your camera in the Snapchat app to scan the QR code on the Snapchat website, and then look at how smooth your skin is in the metatarsal, where freckles and acne are not obvious ann.

A new Snapchat lens isn’t particularly important, especially as the company engages in augmented reality - but this follows a year-long, on-and-off viral move. And if the past is any indication, it may go viral and top up on TikTok soon.

In August 2022, Snapchat released a Cartoon Face lens, which users realized could be used to jump their “Disneyfy” pets - the #disneydog tag jumped over to TikTok for 40.9 million views. Snapchat then hit viral gold again that December when it released a Cartoon lens, which provided even more realistic results for human faces than the previous iteration.

But the app keeps producing slightly better versions of this move, which ends up going viral as well. Mankind is so predictable.

In June this year, the Disney - like move hit again with the Cartoon Style 3D lens, which gained 2.8 billion views in their first week after its release. And now, we’ve got the Avatar lens, which also makes your clothes look cartoonish, not just your face. What now, a lens that also makes what is around us look like something that someone built on Horizon Worlds? Probably.

Earlier this month, Snapchat hosted Lens Fest, a highlight of the app’s AR technology. The company announced at the event that there are more than 250,000 lens makers from more than 200 countries. Together, they have produced 2.5 million lenses that have been viewed more than 3.5 trillion times. Meanwhile, on Snapchat’s TikTok Spotlight clone, the app donated $ 250 million to 12,000 creators for their posts. The company claims that more than 65% of Spotlight applications use one of Snapchat’s creative tools or lenses.

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Companies like Niantic and Snapchat believe that augmented reality is better for building the metaverse than virtual reality. But even for tech giants who love a headset like Meta, AR can help make us look like ourselves in the metaverse. Snapchat Avatar filters make me look like an impractical, Barbie-esque version of myself, but it still feels a bit more personal than my Meta Horizon avatar, which just looks like a random white woman with brown hair and glasses.

Still, there's something confusing about seeing us like this - my avatar in a Snapchat lens looks similar to mine, but my eyes become very manicured, as I found them just tediously threaded the beautician. My lips become fuller, as I have a lip gloss, but I did not put on any clothes today.

In the VR metaverse, we need some kind of avatar to represent us, because otherwise we are just like an invisible blob. Startups like Ready Player Me, Spatial and Genies are coming up to help us craft our quirky characters. But in real development, the basis is to change the real world in a way that helps us to engage more deeply. Snapchat AR filters are fun, but we don't need avatars in the metaverse AR, and that's probably a good thing - we already know how dangerous it can be when we're not displaying but our favorite versions online.

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