Solve puzzles at your board with the Cubism on Quest passthrough update

1641645905 Solve puzzles at your board with the Cubism on Quest

At its heart, Cubism is a steep puzzle that encourages players to try, try again. It's the best game to play every day so you can solve all the puzzles, and the latest update for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 inspires play in a whole new way. The Cubism Passthrough Update allows players to solve puzzles while still seeing their surroundings, opening up a whole new perspective on misery.

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Whether you're drinking tea while solving your morning puzzle or just making sure the kids don't get confused while you have a quick puzzle break. , passthrough mode uses the four cameras on each Quest headset to show you exactly what's around you at all times. It works especially well when you use your hands instead of your controllers, thanks to native handheld tracking support.

Other games like Blaston have added the same feature recently, but Cubism goes one step further with some environmental interaction. While playing, players can enable "board mode" which causes them to place the shadow puzzle pieces on the table on which you are sitting - almost, of course - and even setting the a flat puzzle board on the board for easy access.

Combine this with the previous handheld tracking update and the additional set of 30 puzzles added for free and you will understand why this is one of the best Quest 2 games you can buy. The Cubism Passthrough update is free and will be rolled out to Quest and Quest 2 users on January 6 at 10am PST.

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    Get that puzzle:

    Can you put all these subtle shapes into the cube? Cubism forces you to scratch your noggin with dozens of colorful puzzles.

    $ 10 at Oculus

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