Sony will reveal more details about PlayStation VR2 and Sense controllers

Sony will reveal more details about PlayStation VR2 and Sense

Sony has released relevant details about their virtual reality headset at CES 2022, starting with the confirmation of the name: PlayStation VR2. The new headset will be compatible with the PS5 and the new VR2 Sense controllers. It has a display resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, has a 110-degree field of view, capable of 90 to 120Hz frame rates and supports 4K HDR.

The PS VR2 features internal tracking, which means it has several rooted cameras to monitor the movements of your heads and controllers. Sony has also introduced a new sensing feature for the device called "headset feedback" that can make games and experiences even more immersive. Feedback from a headset uses a built-in vibration motor to simulate events in the game - it can, for example, mimic a character's high pulse level sensation while hiding from the danger or sensation of objects. go near a character character. head.

3D audio and visual tracking are one or two other features that create immersion. The headset can detect the movement of your eyes, allowing you to interact with the game environment as if you were interacting with the real world. As for PS VR2 Sense controllers, they will have key features from DualSense controllers, especially haptic feedback and variable incentives. While Sony has yet to announce the availability of the headset, the company has announced one of the first games to hit the platform. The Call of the Horizon Mountain, VR experience in the Horizon universe, apparently under construction for the PS VR2 and will be a special title for the platform.

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