Start the New Year learning code with this training pack

1641409869 Start the New Year learning code with this training pack


Whether you are new to coding, or an experienced professional, keeping up with the latest languages ​​while learning new skills is an ongoing challenge. Say your New Year's resolution is to master a new coding skill. In that case, the 2022 All-in-One Code Learn Certificate Pack offers fifteen courses for busy professionals and coders to use for their careers as part of our New Year’s Eve show, New You useless.

Each course in the pack is based on practical projects along with code that you will be asked to do in your daily work, as well as fun experiments such as video games and widgets. Course tutors include Oracle-certified Java programmer Lawrence Decamora, front-end engineer Rob Merrill, and Mohammad Nauman, PhD in computer science.

They are divided into concise lessons and designed to be accessed and reviewed anytime, anywhere, on any device with a modern browser. Each course is self-paced, too, so you can put test weights aside and focus on concepts and practice.

The package includes courses in Golang and Swift for those looking to develop mobile apps; two JavaScript courses to take you from beginner to expert; a full-fledged Python bootcamp where you build ten different real-world applications; and bootcamp and a series of projects for web developers with a focus on HTML 5 and CSS. For web developers who want to go deeper, there is also a full bootcamp for Ruby on Rails 6.

If you have more experience, you can multiply your skills with a full course in Amazon Web Services, with a focus on Solutions Architect Associate certification, or improve your SQL skills with an in-depth course on database queries. If you are curious about cryptos, you can learn about NFTn and Ethereum. Starting the new year with new skills will make your job attractive and offer new solutions to common problems, and for now, this package is only $ 20.

Prices are subject to change.

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