T-Mobile 5G: Everything you need to know

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Any carrier out there has one of T-Mobile’s most advanced 5G plans, and with the purchase of Sprint, T-Mobile has a ton of spectrum and a good platform to build a strong 5G network. T-Mobile has already deployed a nationwide 5G network on the low bandwidth Extended Range 5G spectrum and is adding even more speed and capability to its 5G Ultra Capacity spectrum. T-Mobile also has a mmWave spectrum that has been used in a few cities. This connected network is considered to be one of the strongest in the country.


    Do I have 5G coverage on T-Mobile and Sprint?

    Most T-Mobile 5G covers currently have a low bandwidth network built on its n71 600MHz band spectrum. T-Mobile calls broadcast on this band Extended Range 5G. Recovered from Broadcast TV, Extended Range 5G has allowed T-Mobile to upgrade its existing towers with 5G equipment and deliver the same level of coverage that people have come to expect from 3G and 4G.

    Ultra Mobile Speedtest Review n41

    Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

    T-Mobile says it already covers 308 million people with 5G Extended Range with Ultra capability available to over 200 million people. With a large number of urban and suburban areas now covered by the faster Ultra Capacity network, T-Mobile customers are starting to see much better distances. T-Mobile has also automatically upgraded its network to 5G, meaning that your phone does not need to be connected to an LTE network to connect to 5G then.

    The best way to find out if you are covered is to look at T-Mobile's coverage map. T-Mobile will also show the locations of Ultra Capacity 5G on its map so you can get a good idea of ​​what distances will be going for you.

    While our initial tests may not have been as impressive, we have seen better results from our tests of T-Mobile's prepaid options such as Ultra Mobile.

    T-Mobile is still building a high bandwidth, millimeter, 5G network in a few cities. This 5G usage on N260 and N261 bands is at 39Ghz and 28Ghz, respectively. With little coverage in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta, the number of cities is high compared to other carriers, but the actual 5G coverage is still very low. C-band spectrum will be used in the next year or two to add some capacity in a few key areas where T-Mobile expects high traffic.

    T-Mobile 5G comparison map

    Source: T-Mobile

    Which phones work with T-Mobile 5G?

    T-Mobile phones will be compatible with different networks depending on their software and hardware. For the most part, most of T-Mobile’s 5G favorite Android phones will work. With T-Mobile's ever - growing 5G coverage and plenty of new phones with 5G support, if you're buying a new phone, it should have 5G.

    To make sure you get the best results possible from the T-Mobile network, make sure your new phone supports both n71 band and n41 band. Most of the latest 5G phones, including those from Samsung, Google, and even Apple, will support the full network.

    T-Mobile is using the 2.5GHz spectrum it acquired from Sprint to strengthen its own 5G network and, to do so, has downgraded Sprint 5G network. Sprint customers with the Galaxy S20 device received an update that allowed access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, but that’s it. Older devices like the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G or OnePlus 7T Pro 5G will not get an update to support 5G at T-Mobile.

    Pixel 4a 5G display

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    All T-Mobile plans come with 5G

    All T-Mobile plans can access the 5G network, which is great because some of the best cell phone plans you can get are using the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile makes no distinction between its networks, so any customer with a compatible phone should be able to access it. This has also led to T-Mobile Prepaid and MVNOs such as Mint Mobile and Google Fi. T-Mobile has also enabled 5G on all Sprint plans.

    Boost Mobile is now owned by Dish and is changing its customers to the new T-Mobile network with the ultimate goal of moving all customers to its own standalone 5G network.

    What technology is T-Mobile using for 5G?

    T-Mobile 41 5G band on Ultra Mobile

    Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

    5G comes in a number of different formats with a variety of outputs depending on what resources a carrier can throw at it. T-Mobile started with high bandwidth 5G on 28Ghz and 32Ghz bands. With this network, T-Mobile should be competitive with what Verizon and AT&T have been doing once the mature network has more time. This high bandwidth usage should be capable of very high speeds, but building access and coverage is much more limited than we are used to 4G.

    T-Mobile launched the 600Mhz, low band, 5G Extended Range 5G network in December 2022. With new equipment, T-Mobile was able to upgrade their 4G LTE service on the same tower. AT&T and Verizon have also deployed low-bandwidth 5G networks with similar coverage capabilities.

    In fact, it has a 2.5GHz Sprint spectrum. We got an early look at 5G Sprint, which was a good sign for things to come. T-Mobile has more than 160MHz of spectrum at 2.5GHz in the top 100 US markets and has already shut down Sprint's 5G network and its Ultra Capacity 5G built on the same spectrum covers more than 200 million people.

    T-Mobile 5G Spectrum

    Source: T-Mobile

    On August 4, 2022, T-Mobile launched the standalone 5G (5G US) network. 5G SA can operate on its own without devices that need to connect to an older, less efficient LTE network at first. Previously, 5G phones required this infrastructure to work properly.

    Functionally, this is actually the same network as before with some nice improvements. According to a T-Mobile announcement, 5G SA is improving coverage by 30 percent as phones will no longer need to connect to a mid-band LTE signal that does not reach as far as 5G at 600MHz. While there were still many improvements with unstable 5G compared to LTE in distance, the 5G network was held back. T-Mobile is estimating a 40 percent improvement in nostalgia thanks to the change, which should help make data access much faster.

    What will happen to Sprint 5G customers?

    The T-Mobile purchase of Sprint is complete, and with it comes great potential. Many people will face barriers to failed old unions, but T - Mobile points out that it's well - handled Metro PCS as a model for bringing this together. T-Mobile estimates that full network integration will take up to three years, however, both Sprint and T-Mobile customers are beginning to see some new benefits. .

    Sprint customers have access to LTE rooting on the T-Mobile network when Sprint signal is low. Also, Sprint customers with the Galaxy S20 can now connect to T-Mobile’s 5G network, including a 600MHz 5G low-bandwidth in addition to the 2.5GHz 5G network. Sprint customers looking for 5G can switch to a T-Mobile SIM if they have a compatible phone or are ready to upgrade.

    Is T-Mobile 5G worth it?

    On T-Mobile, it comes down to if you want the phone because there are no split plans right now. Most of the new phones you can buy for T-Mobile support 5G, so most T-Mobile customers are new and updating their customers. already using the network. If you're looking for a good reason to upgrade your phone, it's not 5G, but it's a good perk when upgrading.

    While 4G LTE will continue to be fast enough for most people for the next few years, eventually, everyone will switch to 5G. However, speed improvements have been steady, and T - Mobile has been hitting its coverage goals throughout 2022, so if you’ve been waiting for 5G to mature before you launch name on it, this is the time.

    What is 5G for good?

    5G for Good is an initiative to harness the power of 5G to help the community. While T-Mobile has been criticized by some for holding a concert to grip the wheels of government in allowing Sprint to join, it's good to see technology making a positive impact on the. the world.

    It's worth noting that all the specs here depend on the merger going through, and it looks like T - Mobile will not be able to achieve it without the extra spectrum from Sprint.

    Hero Connect Campaign

    The Connecting Heroes Initiative is a program that aims to provide free 5G access to first responders in America. This includes public and non-profit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. This is the first person to come in, for those who sign up, so if you want your organization to be connected on 5G, sign up as soon as possible.

    10Million Project

    It has been proven that children who do not have access to the internet will not receive the same education as those who do. Of course, this is also linked to income inequality.

    The 10Millions Project aims to close the homework gap caused by millions of children's internet access to schoolwork. The project aims to offer free service, hotspots and low cost appliances to 10 million homes over the next five years.

    T-Mobile Connection

    A T-Mobile connection is just like a low-cost phone plan with access to the 5G network. Plans are offered at $ 15 per month for unlimited talk and text with 2.5GB of high-speed data. There is also a $ 25 per month plan with 5.5GB of data. Interestingly, the plan is to grow as usage progresses by increasing the data share by 500MB per year for five years. This is not a big deal at all, but for a low-income family, this can be a life-saver.

    These plans are already available on prepaid T-Mobile.

    Next big thing in connection

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    5G: Everything you need to know

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