T-Mobile crushes the latest data breaches on SIM exchanges

t mobile crushes the latest data breaches on sim

T-Mobile is still suffering from a data breach, although its latest headache may reflect the phone industry in general. The carrier has confirmed that Bleeping Computing that recent data breaches came from SIM exchange attacks. Attackers infiltrated "a very small number" of customers by reassigning SIM cards or viewing "restricted" account information, T-Mobile said.

It is not clear what methods the attackers would use, but SIM swaps are often used to take control of Internet accounts and around two - factor authentication based on SMS. The attacks sometimes rely on arguing or paying carriers to make the exchanges.

The provider stated that it quickly rectified the problem by using existing measures and took additional steps to protect targets. The company also said that swaps are "a common occurrence throughout the industry." While this is certainly a pity, it will not be of much help to victims - it could be a long time before SIM swaps attack. -accessible.

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