TCL Google TVs returns to Best Buy with software configuration, cheaper models

TCL Google TVs returns to Best Buy with software configuration

TCL TV was recently pulled from Best Buy after some software issues, but it looks like they're back on the shelves just in time for the holidays.

Consumers were apparently complaining about slow software and app crashes, prompting the company to remove their TVs from Best Buy shelves to address the issue. A TCL spokesperson confirmed the move with Android Central:

TCL is committed to delivering top-notch products with world-class experiences, and the new product by Google TV is certainly no different. Recent software updates have allowed us to make significant improvements to the stability and speed of the TCL TVs featured on Google TV.

With these updates, this product now represents the powerful performance that TCL and Google believe in the future of TV.

In addition, current owners of Google TCL TV sets should expect an automatic update to bring their TVs up to date with the latest software.

While TCL makes some of the best Android TV sets on the market, it is one of the few TV makers that installs TV with Google TV based. They’re often cheaper than Sony’s more expensive models, so sales probably wouldn’t stop there just before the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, TCL has also introduced new, cheaper Google TV models as noted by 9to5Google. While the software was previously reserved for the 5 and 6-Series TVs, the cheapest 4-Series models make buying a new Google TV set much more affordable.

Starting at just $ 350, users can expect a 4K UHD resolution in sizes from 43-inch to 85-inches and integrate with smart assistants like Alexa and, of course, Google Assistant.

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Of course, there are some compromises, such as the lack of HDMI 2.1, a variable refresh rate, and more high-end display technology. However, for someone looking for a last minute and relatively cheap gift, it might be worth checking out the new Google 4 - Series TVs, especially with a good $ 70 discount it seems that Best Buy offers.

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