Tesla and VW are the hottest frenemies in the EV industry

Tesla and VW are the hottest frenemies in the EV.jpgsignature0be9efd9a7cac4f8735cc75468521a7e

Last Thursday, 200 Volkswagen executives gathered for a conference in Alpbach, Austria, to discuss the Group's electric transformation, with particular reference to the conversion of the Wolfsburg plant, the company's headquarters.

Well that's a bit sad, but believe me, it's getting better.

There was one special unexpected guest who came to the meeting from a distant Texas… Elon Musk.

Yes, you read that right. In fact it was Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess himself who invited Musk to come to the meeting via video call.

Turning your enemy into a friend ?!

How conference participants reported to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Diess speeches strongly about why he believes Tesla alone is Volkswagen's biggest rival.

In fact, Diess noted that Tesla is ahead of VW in many respects, especially when it comes to engineering.

And as an example of the brand’s potential, he commented on his quick response to the chip shortage by developing his own software that could use different chips within just 2- 3 weeks.

So who would have thought that Diess following these words would actually be Elon Musk's "most dangerous competitor"?

And the situation is getting weirder…

Musk to the rescue ?!

Musk joined the smoothie show and expanded the 'sport', praising Volkswagen for being Tesla's "icon" and biggest competitor.

According to the paper, when Diess asked him why Tesla is more flexible than its competitors, Musk naturally took responsibility for success and said that it all depended on his management style - that he was “an engineer specifically with a view to “supply”. chains, logistics, and production processes. ”

He was, however, confident that VW would carry out the desired transformation (electricity), and sought to allay concerns about job cuts.

"Direct integration requires more staff," he said.

Diess took the opportunity to make it clear once again that his news last Wednesday was a false report that the Group to become an electric car supplier would cost 30,000 jobs in German production.

The Chief Executive reported at the conference:

When I think of Wolfsburg, I don't remember job cuts. It is not about that. For me, it's about how we work together, we need to be more efficient, faster.

Tesla as a role model ?!

Diess said the Trinity project is at the heart of VW's transformation strategy: a new series of electric vehicles that will be delivered with much less modifications.

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He noted that an The aim is to reduce the "drama" in the complexity of the grants. Instead of up to tens of millions of potential variants for the VW Golf alone, there should be less than a hundred in the future, given how difficult this is for retailers and buyers. .

Tesla can work again for example a role. For example, car manufacturer offers three drive versions, five different paint finishes, two edges, and two colors for the interior for its Model 3 entry level.

The new series version will be removed from the collection line in 2026 at pthe Wolfsburg plant, with which Volkswagen aims to compete with Tesla and the upcoming gigafactory in Gruenheide, Germany.

What the hell is going on?

Elon Musk looks like a VW conference as an expert and as a role model for a company that thinks Tesla is its biggest rival, at least.

Especially since Deiss has cast a shadow over IONITY - which to some extent possession by VW - when it could not find suitable cost points.

So is this a weird kind of fun? Or is it an unconventional marketing strategy for both companies?

And with Herbert Diess announcing on twitter that VW will be visiting Tesla "soon Gruenheide, do we expect co - operation between the two?

If so, I would like to commend the Chiefs: what about Model S Golf?

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