Tesla holiday update adds TikTok and 'Sonic' to its infotainment system

Tesla holiday update adds TikTok and Sonic to its infotainment

Tesla 's major holiday upgrade for the year has begun making its way into the automaker's electric vehicle fleet, and it adds a huge list of new enhancements and features. For those familiar with scrolling on TikTok, the TikTok app on Tesla Theater is probably the best. According to the update notes posted by Electrek, they will now be able to view short - form videos of the platform - repeated, if they wish - directly on the screen of their vehicle, while their car is parked.

In Toybox, owners will now receive the Light Display feature that Tesla introduced as the Easter Egg on the Model X back in 2015. For the Model X, a dance - shaped light display will bring include both shower lights and hawk wing door openers, but other models will have to do with the former. Tesla has customized its app launcher, allowing owners to drag and drop their favorite apps to the bottom menu bar. It also simplifies navigation to make it easier to access the most common controls, such as cost hikers and windshields.

To automatically view a camera view of their blind spot when activating the foot signal, drivers can activate the new "Automatic Blind Spot Camera" option under Autopilot in Controls. Additionally, drivers can edit Waypoints to add stops or start new navigation routes with updated arrival times. The holiday package also has season-appropriate updates, including automatic seat heating that can regulate the front row seat temperature based on its environment. cabinet, along with other cold weather developments.

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Additionally, drivers can delete dashcam cookies directly from the touchscreen and hide map details to eliminate distractions if they wish. Finally, in the entertainment sector, Tesla has added Sonic the hedgehog and Sudoku to his Arcade - although we strongly recommend playing any Arcade game only while parking. Earlier this month, The New York Times they reported that Tesla had allowed drivers to play certain games in the movement of cars, a concern that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is discussing with the company. The group told Engadget in a statement: "Accidents are a cause for concern, especially in vehicles with multiple utility technologies such as entertainment screens. We are aware of drivers' concerns and are discussing the feature with the manufacturer. "

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