Tesla will raise prices on self-driving mode, again

tesla will raise prices on self driving mode again

Tesla's "fully self - driving" (FSD) feature has a bit of a rocky history to make things generous. It has been involved in a number of crashes, seemingly ongoing software bugs and a cavalcade of scrutiny from several regulatory bodies. Also, it's about spending more money.

The lump represents an additional $ 2,000 entry into the unimportant price tag: a new large sum of $ 12,000, or most of the way to Honda Civic. This is not the first time that FSD has become more expensive. In 2022, Musk (again, on Twitter) announced a price increase of around $ 2,000. This latest increase, Musk clarified, will only apply in the US; he said that "the price of the feature will rise as we get closer to the release of the FSD product code."

Whether or not that means there are plans for even more price increases, anyone expects - Tesla famously unveiled its corporate communications division around the same time that FSD received the price tag He has $ 10,000.

In particular, buying the "fully self-driving" feature does not mean driving a car yourself. This is largely why Senators Markey and Blumenthal have asked the FTC to inspect Tesla and Musk for, among other things, “predictions of the capabilities of their vehicle. According to one study, only about 11 percent of Tesla owners are leaking the money needed to enable FSD, and it's hard to imagine how an increase in the financial burden on their buyers could reverse that movement.

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