The best technical gifts to buy for non-technical

1642268140 The best technical gifts to buy for non technical

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what technical gift to buy for a non - techie. Here's what you need to know.

Finding just the right gift to buy can be difficult when looking for a technology-focused gift for someone who is not tech savvy. Whether the recipient of the gift is your neighbor, mother, or brother who loves a flip phone, there are some gift ideas out there that you should consider.

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Think about their interests. Do they like music? Then an idea is a pair of wireless earbuds. You do not have to opt for wireless, as this may be a little too technical for them and they may lose it. Consider the Puresonic earbuds from Fender. They are a great choice and are selling for the holidays for $ 49.99. If you just want to give them a way to listen to music at their desk, there's a Fender Newport speaker. It has a classic look and still offers all the features of a wireless speaker for $ 149. And if they are always running around to the gym or are keen on walking, try the JBL Clip 3. It is an ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is waterproof and has a fully integrated carabiner that can hold clothing, a belt loop or a backpack for outdoor events. It costs $ 69.99 through T-Mobile.

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If the non-techie in your life is your pet lover, check out the Fi smart dog collar. It monitors their dog whether they are near them or not, via GPS. They will no longer have a lost dog. The best part? It's easy to use for non - techies and the app warns if the dog leaves the house or yard, even if it's working. The collar is $ 149, with GPS plans starting at $ 1.89 per week.

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There is also the second generation of PetSafe Smart Feed automated dog and cat feeders. It's an easy way to use technology to feed a pet from a distance. It works with the Amazon Echo device so Alexa can feed their dog or cat. It notifies them when the feed is low or empty and gives them the ability to automatically reorder their pet's food through Amazon Dash Replenishment. It is affordable at $ 194.99.

And then Casetify has everything from artist-designed laptop shells, to smartphone cases, Apple Watch bands and AirPod skin. If the non-techie on your holiday gift list has appeared for a new iPhone Pro Max, then they are trying to push the limits of their technical ability and will definitely want a new phone case. Casetify has a cool set of cases with styles to suit everyone 's preferences and needs, no matter how waterproof they may have to be. The Casetify Apple Watch series is compatible with the new Apple Watch 5 or Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4, and is available for Apple Watch sizes 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm with prices starting at $ 40.

Your own creativity is paramount when it comes to finding a great technical gift for a non-techie. Consider smart home appliances, cool gadgets, fun tech games and more.


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