The Bluesound Node is the music climber that needs all Hi-Fi settings

The Bluesound Node is the music climber that needs all.jpgsignature4f4775f4535d22047f62e2c36f245641

Friends, I am in love. To be fair, I have been feeling this way for a while. It happened when I first got my hands on the Bluesound Node 2i music climber a few years ago - a relationship that has been going strong ever since.

But the butterflies have started all over again, as I was delighted to test out the latest version of the device, simply called Bluesound Node. I'll tell you about his charms.


    Who is Bluesound?

    If you haven't heard of them, the company positions itself as the Sonos audiophille.

    It makes wireless audio equipment with features designed to appeal to the music nerds, including a gamut of input and support for streaming high-quality music files.

    Tell me about the Bluesound Node?

    This is the company's new music climber. I covered it in detail when it first launched, but the simplest way to describe the Node is that it's an audio-enabled device.

    You plug it into your amplifier and it gives you full ways to play your digital music. You can use it via Bluetooth (it has aptX HD), Spotify Connect, Wi - Fi, AirPlay 2, and a range of other music apps and libraries.

    Basically, if you're playing something digitally, the Bluesound Node will help you get that on your Hi-Fi.

    And physically, it is just as complex: