The Boring Company promises hyperloop but delivers cars in a tunnel

The Boring Company promises hyperloop but delivers cars in a.jpgsignature4fcb75d274575bd0c9ecc2265293aedc

If you are waiting for a bated breath to ride a hyperloop, prepare for a blue turn. I'm sorry, but it's not going to happen anytime soon. But you might get a really poor second, a car ride in a tunnel. This is courtesy of Elon Musk Boring company, and if you are feeling sad, you are not alone.


    Tunnels under the city of Las Vegas

    This week The Boring Company received permission from local officials to build a network of 51 car tunnel stations under the city of Las Vegas. A 46km (29 miles) system will allow passengers to travel by tunnel between casinos, the new football stadium, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and McCarran International Airport.

    In May 2022, the company landed a $ 48.7 million contract to design and build a loop system for the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). A walk between the New Exhibition Hall and the North / Central Hall can take up to 15 minutes. Using the tunnel will only take a minute, even if it does that is not encouraging.

    So what is the rate for a Boring trip?

    The Boring Company has set ticket prices somewhere between public transport and riding, with a five - minute journey between the airport and the conference center at around $ 10. It is estimated that four minutes between the football stadium and the Convention Center will cost $ 6.

    We were promised a hyperloop, not a Boring tunnel

    Let us be very clear. The word hyperloop virtually absent from the conversation. We were promised water movement in a pod through a pipe at lightning speed. However, the truth is a rise in Tesla, and not even an autonomous one at the time. It is almost destroying the earth.

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    Talk about a horrible ad for fast moving people at scale. Tesla is not a bus, and it takes a lot of Teslas to ferry four at a pop. Then there's the problem if Tesla kicks itself in a tunnel.

    And, and Tesla ?! A train or even a platoon of autonomous electric buses could move over 50 people in a minute.

    However, it's worth noting that tunnels on The Boring Company's dime - not the taxpayer - are asking hotel casinos to go in for the costs. last year Resorts World received permission to build a passenger station and underground tunnel connecting it to the LVCC.

    Let's go the dice in the tunnel!

    But why stop there? Casinos already use methods such as the lack of clocks and windows, to allow people to waste time and play for longer hours. You will be in a freaking tube. What about some casino tables? A quick game of Uno? Wedding in a tunnel? Elvis wedding in a tunnel?

    But, before people get too hoity-toity, don't forget that Las Vegas is the place to drive through weddings, Egyptian fake pyramids, and plans for its lunar-themed tourist center. Tacky is okay.

    Then there's the real elephant in the room that makes me question the whole plan - the Las Vegas monorail.

    Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!


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