The breaking star at Apple's MacBook Pro event is a $ 19 cleaning suit

The breaking star at Apples MacBook Pro event is a.jpgsignature6c46b9cdc9bbc802a7c78451019d8eea

Who cares about the new MacBook Pros or the AirPods 3? I'll tell you who: losers. With only one product worth launching our attention at the Apple event in October. And that, my friends, is maternity cleaning clothes.

Shh, don't worry. I understand you. I know how you live. And that means that you are currently reading these words on a screen with a thick coating of grime on it. No need to be embarrassed - it's normal. It's completely normal. Don't be ashamed.

But in another sense, more true, be amazed. You're a dirty, dirty grammar.

Don't worry though, Apple still loves you despite your cracks. That's why you can now buy a cleaning cloth on his website for the very low and very reasonable price of $ 19.


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