The Conservatives say Twitter is silencing their voices. Twitter says it is expanding them

The Conservatives say Twitter is silencing their voices Twitter says.jpgsignatured197edb2341704a436b19f119e2a0911

It’s hard to be a keeper on Twitter. Everywhere you look, these damn Liberals are wielding the right wings to drop reality-based bombs. facts, not emotions.

Anyway, that's what I heard from conservationists and politicians. The reality, however, seems a bit different.

A new study by Twitter found that the platform’s algorithms were real increase the voices of the right hand.

That research revealed tweets from right-wing politicians and news outlets alike are promoted on the Twitter Home timeline by algorithmic rankings. However, the social network is not sure why.

Rumman Chowdhury, head of Twitter's machine learning, ethics, transparency and accountability team, tweeted that the company would now investigate the reasons:

Twitter is a socio - technical system - ar [algorithms] responsive to what is happening. What's next in fundamental reason analysis - is this an unexpected model bias? Or is this an act of what is and how people tweet, and things that are happening in the world? Or both?

The first part of the study examined millions of tweets by elected officials in seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, UK and USA).

In all countries except Germany, tweets from accounts on the political right received a higher algorithmic extension than those on the political left when analyzed as a group.

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Notably, however, the recommendation systems did not extend true ideologies beyond more mediocre ones. According to the study paper:

We found that, in countries where the far left or farthest parties have substantial representation among elected officials (eg VOX in Spain, Die Linke and AfD in Germany, LFI and RN in France), The expansion of these parties is generally lower than the expansion of these parties. middle / middle parties in the same country.


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