The Indian version of 'PUBG Mobile' extends device bans for fraudsters

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile extends device bans for

Cheating is as big a problem in mobile games as it is elsewhere, and Krafton is taking extra steps to overcome the worst criminals. 91Mobiles reports that the developer is now permanently banning intruder cheats Battlegrounds Mobile India (aka the local version of PUBG mobile). Rogue players can’t just create new accounts to continue spoiling your games - in theory, they have to buy a new phone or tablet.

The concept of machine ban is not new. Titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Evaluating regularly block hardware. It is less common on mobile, however, and Battlegrounds Mobile India a particularly notable example when over 16 million people play every day.

Devices will not suddenly stop being deceived in the battle royale brawler. While device blocking requires more effort around, especially on a mobile phone, it is not impossible. Krafton's attempt to prevent many 'casual' cheaters, however, could be enough to attract (or retain) honest players who have been put off by malice at the time. gone.

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