The last employee benefit you have to offer: Reason

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World labor markets are currently preparing for a large number of workers in what some experts say “the Great Will. ”

Recent studies revealmore than a quarter of the global workforce, and perhaps as much as40%, considering elimination. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labordata shows that Americans are already leaving their jobs at the highest levels in two decades.

Why? Because with urgency a vision emerges.

As many around the world come out of the most difficult year of their professional lives, a stable job with a fair salary and reasonable benefits is no longer enough.

Even work-from-home options are not enough, with data showing that many employees are struggling to get back into the office: 63% of people with children under 12 and 40% of employees without children ready to complete work-from-. home, according to Haven Life recentlysurvey.

If you, as an employer, want to keep employees engaged and productive in the long run - which I think you certainly should - tell me, the game has changed.

You now have to meet a higher level. You need to make their works clear with meaning. You have to offer work with reason.


    Create meaningful opportunities for employees to become action engineers

    Of course, not all work lines come with a sense of purpose. Because of this almosttwo-thirds of employers now offering a sort of paid time off program to encourage volunteering. That is commendable.

    But these programs leave it to employees to recognize and engage in a wide range of volunteer opportunities and often non-achievement. As a result, only about a third of employees take advantage of these programs.

    To encourage employees to make a real difference, I urge you to create volunteer opportunities that allow employees to be entrepreneurial, using the same skills they will using the daily chores.

    One example I am familiar with is Call for Code, an IBM program launched in 2018 by David Clark Cause and the United Nations Office for Human Rights, to provide open source resources, funding and technology to empower developers to create technology for good.

    The response has been overwhelming, with over half a million developers across 180 countries to date having implemented solutions to tackle social problems. For example, four developers from Taiwan, Brazil, Mongolia, and India built an app to introduce the power of artificial intelligence and weather forecasting to help rural farmers struggling with the effects of climate change.

    In this way, I look at the attraction we've seen with Call for Code as evidence that developers really want action and a deeper sense of purpose - while at the same time developing their skills and using critical problem-solving skills.

    Tender to perform "stretching" tasks

    Traditional stretch designations play an important role in recognizing the tedium that is characteristic of certain functions. But the opportunities outside of school often end up as little more than a source of unsolicited, non - urgent work.

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    To foster a sense of purpose in these assignments, you - as a business leader - need to identify or co - create opportunities to bring it back to communities while respecting existing skills.

    The health fitness company Equinox, for example, fundsThe Heroes Project, which provides personal and physical training to severely injured veterans. SMBP, the major hiring company,giving resume services and vocational coaching for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    So take a look at where you can take it back and use it to motivate your employees.

    Build support ecosystems

    Solving difficult social problems requires a combination of knowledge and perspectives. But I feel that organizations too often limit the scope of outreach based on artificial barriers.

    When trying to change the world, collaborating with customers, business partners, and even competitors is essential and rewarding. This is a unique opportunity for in-depth communication with employees beyond their normal role.

    In California, for example, the San Francisco Chronicle is above theHomeless San Francisco Project, which brings together reporters from dozens of competing news outlets and outlets to cover stories that shine on the city's homeless population.

    In Nigeria, the consultancy firm Accenture has created a new e-learning platform to reach students in Africa in innovative ways, as part of the Junior Achievement Nigeria initiative, a collaboration between many key consultants and world banks.

    In both cases, competing boundaries have been crossed in the name of reason, which is a lesson for us all.

    Two years ago, before the outbreak of the pandemic, the CEOs of America 's largest companies, including former IBM CEO Ginni Rometty,redefine "physical purpose." The statement they issued revealed the corporate philosophies that many companies already had. That is, the responsibilities of the modern corporate body should extend far beyond its shareholders to include customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

    They also understood that today's workers need more than stock options and profit sharing to be motivated. They need a sense of purpose. Link to something bigger.

    And to be honest, a global crisis should not force us to deliver meaningful opportunities to our employees so that they can harness their shared desire and capacity for action to drive social good.

    So as labor markets begin to decline and competition for talent grows higher, I believe that companies of all shapes and sizes, in all parts of the world, need to start investing. in the same way that they invest in marketing or product development, for the good of the good, and the good of the community.

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