The latest Android 13 leak features four new dynamic themes

1642272670 The latest Android 13 leak features four new dynamic themes

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Back in June last year, Google released a new wallpaper theme system called "Monet" to its favorite Android phones with Android 12 Beta 2. The feature changes the colors and accents of the -system to match the wallpaper you set. According to a report from Android Police, Android 13 will bring new and more colorful styles for the dynamic theme system.

The new color combinations, which are said to be under active development, are called TONAL_SPOT, VIBRANT, EXPRESSIVE, and SPRITZ. While TONAL_SPOT offers the standard Material You color palette at the dynamic subject system, VIBRANT is said to offer small variations in complementary accents.

EXPRESSIVE would offer a wider range of colors, including some that may not be in the background. SPRITZ is described as a more relaxed, "almost monochromatic" subject. While Android Police sources say that the new styles will be appearing for the first time in Android 13, it would not be a surprise if they are part of the latest Android 12L release.

In addition to the new color combination for Monet, Android 13 is also expected to release new notification licenses. Apps will not be able to send you notifications without your permission. While more details about the change are expected to be revealed once the first Android 13 developer beta is released, a screenshot of the actual conversation has been shared with Android Police. Every time an app seeks POST_NOTIFICATIONS runtime permission for the first time, you will see the above conversation on your phone.

The new leak comes just days after a mock-up that gave us our first look at the new Android 13 mobile handset feature. The upcoming feature will allow users to tap their phone on another device to reload -play media easily.

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