The Morning After: Tech to help with that New Year's resolutions

The Morning After Tech to help with that New Years

Welcome to the new year. How do these secrets come about? (Don't worry, we can help.)

Despite my expectations, CES 2022 is still happening. However, the organizers have announced that the tech show will be cut short each day, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. It's also a kind of early start, with some big ads from Samsung already, including the addition of NFTs to its TVs, and an updated remote eco eco that will push on your WiFi waves for energy.

A week of hardware unveiling is expected, even though opportunities to play with these new devices and evaluation are somewhat limited without being present in person.

-Mat Smith

But will it appeal to anyone beyond PC gaming fanatics?

Alienware's latest concept can be downloaded to a game server that runs on your home network. You could run two games at the same time on your TV, as Engadget saw during a recent demo in NYC. Since all network delivery and processing takes place in your home, Nyx would also experience a lower latency than traditional cloud games.

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A warmer setting may help with your good hand.


To help alleviate their tired mitts, the Japanese company Bauhutte has created a handheld massager for gamers. The machine works on both hands and has a 15-cover airbag for each finger and a shiatsu plate for the palm. There are two main options: Shiatsu mode for the whole hand, and one that aims to stretch fingers.

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You may also have an easier time finding your case.

Now that the third generation AirPods offer some of the same features as the AirPods Pro, how do Apple's wireless earbuds stand out? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple is launching its second-generation Pro earbuds in the fall with support for Apple Lossless Audio (ALAC). Kuo expects the updated headphones to offer a “factory new design” and that the new headphones will include a cost case that can make sounds, similar to AirTags, to help with find it behind your court cases.

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The 2022 Eco Remote has a white option to match Samsung’s lifestyle TV.



Samsung has upgraded the solar powered device that was cut at CES last year. Along with using light to charge the battery, Samsung claims that the latest Eco Remote can convert radio waves of routers into energy to stay fully charged. There is still a solar panel behind the periphery, which is also made of recycled materials.

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As a result of repeated transmission of incorrect COVID-19 information.

Twitter has blocked the personal account of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after the fifth "strike" for leaking false COVID-19 information. A fifth strike means a permanent ban.

In the past year, she said in July that COVID-19 was not dangerous unless you were over 65 or obese, and in August vaccines said they were "failing" against the new version of coronavirus' Delta . Both statements were incorrect. Follow the individual positions to a 12-hour and one-week stop. Her official account is still active as of this writing as it did not run out of Twitter rules. Beyond that, she may have to wait around for TRUTH Social to finally launch.

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Tech to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

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