The new Withings Body Scan will bring down a health station in your home

1641294576 The new Withings Body Scan will bring down a health

Withings is known for its sleek polished blades that can do more than just tell you your weight. Tools like the Smart Scales Withings Body Cardio can tell you your BMI, fat percentage, heart health, bone mass, and more in just a few seconds. However, Withings is taking the lead with its latest Body Scan smart scale, announced at CES 2022.

With the new Scale Body Scan, Withings is aiming to top some of the best smart blades by installing an entire health station in your home. However, unlike what you find at gyms or health centers, this version is discounted (no pun intended).

Withings body scan treatment

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Scan Corp is made of one high-strength tempered glass with four pressure sensors and 14 ITO electrodes. Attached at the top edge is a retractable shaft that contains four steel electrodes. This combination of sensors provides precise weight management to the scale that Withings claims is right up to 0.1lbs (50 grams). It also enables more advanced readings with 6-lead ECG and regional body shape analysis.

Thanks to Body Scan's Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) multi-frequency sensor (similar to that available on the Galaxy Watch 4), users can take a number of measurements such as whole body fat and water, muscle and bone mass, and much more in less than three seconds. Additionally, it can provide readings for individual body parts from your torso to your arms and legs, which are especially useful for health professionals and athletes to identify high fat circulation or muscle imbalance. .

Withings in partnership with Impeto Medical to monitor sweat gland activity. This sends small currents to the legs to gauge the response of the sweat glands, which helps determine the health of small cloud fibers. This can help you identify ways to improve your lifestyle, such as adopting healthier eating habits or engaging in regular exercise, something many of us could gain more from. .

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Of course, many of these readings, which will soon include heart rate, ECG records, and vascular age, can be seen on a 3.2-inch Body Scan color LCD, but they all come together through App Withings. Users can sync much of their measurements to other apps like Apple Health and Google Fit, and the Withings app also gives users action views and personalized plans to set and adjust their goals. maintain.

When Body Scan becomes available sometime in the second half of 2022, customers will receive a three-month subscription to Withings health and wellness programs to access their services. However, the exact price and availability of Body Scan is not known as it is awaiting CE and FDA approval. It will be available in black and white.

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