The next morning: linked dumbbells that Amazon Alexa can change

The next morning linked dumbbells that Amazon Alexa can change

WFH was not just about working from home. For those who had the driver, he also stood for workouts from home. Many companies have had success as they transition to many of us moving our training and exercise from gym to lounge / spare room / that corner of the bedroom. Now, the pendulum bounces back as some gyms reopen inexplicably, and we return to the squat rack that did not quite fit into our small studio apartment. . But that will not stop fitness companies from introducing new gear mixes with technical tricks, in the hope that you will be willing to upgrade your gear.

NordicTrack Adjustable Dumbbells can connect to any Amazon Alexa-enabled third-party device to quickly change the weight from 5lbs to 50lbs (in 5lbs increments) with just your voice. Unfortunately, the voice assistant will not send you to a few additional reps.

There's a membership training service to accompany the $ 429 dumbbells - available now - but luckily it's not required.

- Mat Smith

Other mining land.


This is one of the much anticipated games coming to PS5. But just over a month before the action RPG arrives, an infinite version of the game seems to have been released. This is another problem for Sony. Previous months The Last of Us Part II released, much of the game, including cutscenes with major storytellers, has been released online.

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NASA had previously remotely confirmed the existence of the material.


China Daily CDIC / reuters

China’s lunar giant Chang’e-5 has discovered water on the lunar surface, marking the first time scientists have ever found evidence at the site about the material on Earth’s satellite. Chinese researchers claim that the supernatant found traces of water or hydroxyl molecules, a close chemical cousin of H2O.

Chinese scientists believe that most molecules came to the Moon through a process called solar wind intrusion. Items cut from the sun moved hydrogen atoms to the lunar surface where they subsequently bound with oxygen to form water and hydroxyl. The study builds on NASA's findings published in 2018 when it found evidence of water on the surface of sunlight using an infrared telescope in the sky.

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Take Snorlax.

The LAPD has fired two police officers for evading theft on April 15, 2017, deciding to play instead Pokemon Go. Instead of answering a radio call seeking backing for a robbery at Macy's in Crenshaw Mall, officials reportedly spent the next 20 minutes driving around to catch Snorlax.

Lozano and Mitchell were denied play Pokemon Go and claimed to be just a "conversation" about the game, but the camera in the car revealed that they had considered the burglary call and chose to ignore it. Another officer also saw the submarine leave the area after the call.

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It will be launched on January 31st.

The Associated Press (AP) will begin selling the "award-winning contemporary and historical journalism painting" as non-ungible tokens on January 31st. The news organization has teamed up with blockchain technology provider Xooa to develop a market place for their NFTs, which will begin with an initial collection that it will release once it opens.

AP's first collection includes Pulitzer Prize - winning images digitally across regions such as space, climate, and war. Each one includes the original metadata of the image showing its location, time and date it was taken and the equipment and conditions used by the photographer for the scene.

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