The next wave of extreme cults will make QAnon watch Tame

The next wave of extreme cults will make QAnon watch

The world was right to breathe a sigh of relief in 2022 - at least when it came to terrorist, radical thinking. Donald Trump was out of office. QAnon, that cult - like movement operating under the notion that a pedophile secret cabal was running the world, was losing steam. Vaccines were to stop the pandemic. But far from seeing the decline of cultism and opposition movements, 2022 will bring their rise - and QAnon will prove that this is a child's first step, rather than a destination, in the growing attraction of marginalized groups and sectarian politics.

The growth of increasingly radical fringe beliefs will be driven by a greater trust in authority and knowledge. This suspicion is not new - we have been plagued by fake news headlines for several years. Next year, however, a strong ingredient will be added to the mix: the growing, tired uncertainty about Covid's pandemic.

Historically, cults have thrived in times of flux, when behavioral norms shift and persistence is unattainable. If anything marks 2022, it has been a sense of constant movement caused by a new disease. We have all become acquainted with official statements and communication strategies about Covid-19 which is constantly changing. We have also seen death taxes continue to rise and social institutions break under pressure. This will begin in 2022, despite our hopes that the pandemic will be put down to the past. Even the least minded will find it difficult to maintain balance.

Beyond that instability is the sense of loneliness we have all experienced in 2022, and terrorism feeds on this kind of exclusion and loneliness. In the early days of this year, we have already seen people reject social communication as a result of locksmiths, and some have turned to the most incredible alliances, looking for organizations to prove and. show their anger and harassment.

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This will continue as it is. It is difficult for the human mind to deal with uncertainty at the best of times. We want accuracy and hard numbers - not statistical knowledge and caves are changing. And this is far from the best. "They're lying to us!" the battle cry is conspiracy theories. By 2022, this will grow in volume and lead to an explosion of countermeasures.

Already, we are seeing older roots of the appearance of 2022 - in the collective and increasingly radical voices of the anti - vaccine community, in the anti - mask protests that we seen all over the world, and in naming governments as “Australian fascists. ”For taking control of their citizens to continuous locks. These are the seeds for terrorism that will be sticky, lasting, and hard to eradicate - tied, as it has grown, to a basic personal identity.

Cult-like terrorist movements seem to counteract the strong mixture of loneliness, insecurity, changing statements, and fear we have experienced through the pandemic by offering a skewed form of safety, stability and certainty, together with a group of people who are just like us, who believe in us and believe in us. As activist David Sullivan - a man who has devoted his life to the cults of extortion to get lovers out of captivity - has said - no one ever joins a cult : They come with a community of people who see them. In 2022, this attraction of cults will not grow, and those that emerge next year will make QAnon look like the good old days.

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