The OSOM OV1 is the spiritual follower of the Essential Phone

The OSOM OV1 is the spiritual follower of the Essential

Essential may not be around anymore, but its mission is still alive thanks to OSOM Products. The team that helped bring the Essential Phone (PH-1) live has just focused on their first smartphone offering with a strong focus on privacy.

The company gave Android Police the first special look at its upcoming device, the OV1. While not a direct fan of the essential PH-1, the OV1, or "OSOM Vault 1," is something of a spiritual fan. In fact, it manages to hold the rear fingerprint sensor (something we don’t see many of those days in high-end phones) and dual camera positioning.

According to Jason Keats, founder of OSOM Products, the OSOM OV1 name also goes back to Essential PH-1, and the similarities extend to the software as well, which provides near stock on Android. However, there will be a deep focus on privacy.

Lamenting the death of the Essential, Keats said his problem was the lack of clear guidance. "And so we sat down and said, 'What can we deal with?' And we said, 'Well, I'm confused by what my phone and other companies know what I'm doing.' "

From this, the company has honored three areas on which it will focus across its products: privacy, simplicity, and choice. With this in mind, OSOM has speculated that it is working on three new pieces of software but is not ready to talk about them. Nevertheless, the phone is said to have “100-fold more powerful” privacy features than what is currently available on Android.

Of course, we don't know much about the new phone except that it is powered by a Qualcomm chip. It will, however, be the “Android level phone that Android-loving people will want to buy.” According to Keats, it could launch as early as MWC 2022, which would, of course, The phone appears to be near the end, and special attention is paid to the camera experience to avoid the essentials of the Phone.

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That said, with a clear approach to development, OSOM has a chance to succeed where Essential Phone has ultimately failed by addressing a pain point in a market that wants more privacy from the phones Best Android. That's something that Google is trying to address with Android 12, but OSOM thinks it can take things further.

When it finally launches, we expect it to reach the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

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