The Pixel Fold may not match the Pixel 6's camera, which is fine

The Pixel Fold may not match the Pixel 6s camera.jpgsignature6da7f03fd8e76670de80b5ab4cb186f6

We've been hearing rumors about 'Pixel Fold' for year now, but leaks have surfaced recently, suggesting that Google may finally be ready to unveil early next year. But if the latest leaks turn out to be true, the Pixel Fold may not be as high - end as many expected - and it may not be a bad thing.

Last week, 9to5Google announced that the foldable Pixel may not use the same large camera sensor in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, instead opting for what looks like the same old small sensor in the budget Pixel 5a… as well as the Pixel 5, 4a 5G, Pixel 4 and Pixel 3. Google has certainly taken a lot more miles out of that Sony IMX363 sensor.

I've been thinking about this leak a lot. At first glance, that's a shame. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro showed that Google finally getting bad about hardware. Google used one of the best camera sensors on the market, the big Samsung GN1, for its flagship camera, instantly capturing its imaging hardware to match some of the best in the biz .

To go back to small-by-2021-standards sensor it seems like a wrong step for a company that spent several months building the credibility of its hardware, largely due to a Google processor Tensor.

But after my initial disappointment, I came to realize that this news could be very good. It represents one important opportunity: a cheap folding phone. Pretty much speaking, at least.

Make the right price

Now, of course I have no way of knowing for sure how much the foldable Pixel will cost, but if the Pixel 6 seems like anything to go by, I would bet my base dollar that Google is targeting very aggressive prices.

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At $ 599, the smaller Pixel 6 will take away another major competition with a substantial margin, possibly shaking up the way phone makers spend their devices going forward. . The Pixel 6's hardware is in many ways compared to the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21's, but the Google phone comes in at $ 200 cheaper than those phones did at launch.

At the same time, folded phones have so far become very expensive - especially those that pop into tablet - sized devices. The Galaxy Fold 3, the most famous of these, costs $ 1,800. It is the price alone that automatically eliminates these devices as an option for many people.


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