The PS Plus version of 'FF7 Remake' can be upgraded to 'Intergrade' after all

The PS Plus version of FF7 Remake can be upgraded

One of the PlayStation Plus subscriber games could claim at no extra cost . Sony announced the PS Plus lineup that month at the same time it unveiled an updated version of the game for PlayStation 5:

However, there was no way for those who grabbed the PS Plus version of it Recall FF7 to receive Mediation not paying for the full game. On Wednesday, however, there will be a way to refresh. Square Enix won’t update for free, but it hasn’t revealed pricing yet.

Meanwhile, Square Enix says the expansion, $ 15 for a limited time, is $ 5 less than the regular price. The Yuffie-centric DLC was introduced to the buyers Transition Remake FFVII completely. Those who upgraded from the PS4 version had to pay for the DLC.

The Recall FF7 update process has been as secure as many Final Fantasy titles. The game was first unveiled in April 2022, and Mediation they arrived on PS5 in June this year. At the same time, Transition Remake FF7 for the first time last week.

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