The rumored Google Pixel foldable design may not give way after Galaxy Z Fold 3

1642181843 The rumored Google Pixel foldable design may not give way

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central


    What you need to know

    • Android 12L Beta 2 may include additional suggestions about the Foldable Pixel.
    • Animations in the building feature animations of a smartphone that cannot be folded.
    • The Pixel Foldable probably has a more tablet-like aspect ratio than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

    News about the foldable Google Pixel may have died down for a while, but new tidbits about the package seem to have surfaced due to the latest Android 12L beta build.

    After digging into the code for Android 12L Beta 2, 9to5Google found references to the device, with the code "Pipit." The references appear along with animations showing how to insert a SIM card into a folding smartphone.

    The first animation shows a foldable in a closed state. The device seems to have a wider aspect ratio than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with something that is clearly a hinge on the left.

    Google Foldable Sim Animation closed

    Source: 9to5Google

    The following image shows a similar animation, although the device is open this time. The complex appears to have a wider silhouette when opened, different from the top Z Fold 3. 3.. .

    Google Foldable Sim Animation Open

    Source: 9to5Google

    9to5Google also notes how the animations are visually similar to SIM animations when setting up a new Pixel smartphone, which may give some credence to the image that displays a snapshot. . That said, it’s also possible that it’s just a generic placeholder for a folding Android smartphone.

    We finally heard that Google had scrapped their folded plans, possibly reworking the design while monitoring the foldable market that is currently dominated by Samsung. However, as development on Android 12L continues, we may come to learn more about the rumor device. After all, Pixel Foldable is the target product for Android 12L, along with the best folding phones and tablets.

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    A folded king

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Phantom Silver

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

    The best of both worlds

    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is one of the most feature-packed smartphones on the market, with large 120Hz OLED displays, a triple camera array, and an Under Panel camera for video calls. The best part is that it works with the S Pen.

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