The Science Behind Hooch Zero-Alcohol in January

The Science Behind Hooch Zero Alcohol in January

There are a lot of people taking a break from alcohol this month, a cultural time known as Dry January. In addition to the moves inspired by New Year’s resolutions, however, non-alcoholic beverages have been on the rise. Alcoholic beverages and flexible brewers are tasting complex virgin cocktails and liquids in an effort to get a taste of the tastes of solemn people, temporary teetotalers, and those who are against alcohol in general. But how do they actually design these drinks? And how well do they meet our cultural expectations of what “drinking” should be?


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This week on Gadget Lab, WIRED journalist Adam Rogers joins us to talk about alcohol and non - booze science.

Show Notes

Read Adam's book Proof: Booze Science.


Adam recommends spying, taking up hobbies, and subscribing to WIRED. Lauren recommends Letiz Sparkling Riesling's Eins Zwei Zero non-alcoholic white wine. Mike recommends the free (and non - profit) streaming service Radio Overseas.

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