These 4 companies design sustainable design, packaging, mobility and logistics

These 4 companies design sustainable design packaging mobility and logistics.jpgsignature035db516d5af5ee1107b0b13467cd457

We are at a time when consumers and businesses are more aware than ever of the need to build a more sustainable world.

But how can we make our lives and businesses more sustainable? What seemingly small / simple changes can we introduce to make a big difference tomorrow?

These were just two of the questions that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles explored on a city tour with the innovative ID. Buzz Cargo concept car to one of Europe's sustainability tech headquarters, Amsterdam.

During the trip, the ID. Buzz Cargo met three founding startups who are trying to change tomorrow's world by taking a deeper look at how we package, design, and transport products. These inspiring people and their perspectives were showcased on stage at the Next Web Conference under the title #movingideas. Want to know more? Then hop in and join us.


    First stop: Digitization meets sustainability

    On our way to Amsterdam, we made a pit stop in Cologne to meet VYTAL sustainable packing starter. Takeaways are becoming more and more popular, but there will also be more packaging.

    VYTAL delivers delicious food to restaurants where customers get their food and then return after they finish eating - completely free and without paying an investment. Users can sign up through an app, with QR codes linking each dish to its user.

    The journey from the first idea - making tomorrow reusable vessels as easy and convenient as they are disposable - to the concept as it is today is a long and evolving process. However, Dr Tim Breker, co-founder of VYTAL and Managing Director, says:

    It is the many challenges and changes that make innovations so unique and inspiring.

    Renewing the status quo and helping people to live more sustainably is an example of innovation that is as brilliant as it is simple.

    Second stop: the design meets durability

    Dutch Startup Project is a fair fashion finder distracting the market by making it even easier to shop for durable, fair trade clothing. The Project Cece website not only offers a wide variety of fashion brands, but also provides very detailed information about the companies. Project Cece co-founder Melissa Wijngaarden put it:

    Sustainability and transparency are paramount, but without attractive packaging many people will not buy it.

    Third stop: logistics meet sustainability

    Sustainability and messenger friendships do not have to be mutually exclusive. A Dutch startup, Trunkrs ’confirms this. Trunkrs offers logistics solutions for fast, reliable same-day delivery. It always makes use of environmentally friendly delivery vehicles, space and connectivity. Jan Wijn, co-founder and CEO of Trunkrs, also thinks highly:

    We want to change the world of logistics using sustainability, connectivity, and digital transformation.

    Future transportation will not only be sustainable, but also smart.

    #movingideas - the journey is just beginning

    Project Cece, VYTAL, Trunkrs and the ID. Buzz Cargo are all exciting new ideas that will help us move towards a more sustainable world.

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles aims to move people and goods from A to B efficiently and stably. Or, as Dennis Haustein, Head of Market Intelligence at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, says, “During development, we are always guided by one question above all else: how can we make the lives of our customers easier, both professionally and personally?”The ID. Buzz Cargo from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers stable electric movement, connectivity and a generous range of space. But the journey is just beginning, because the future needs more ideas to keep things moving.

    This article was brought to you by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Want to join Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on this exciting journey? You can find out more about it the ID. Cargo Buzz here.

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