These 8K Samsung TVs are now $ 800 off for the holidays

These 8K Samsung TVs are now 800 off for

If you are interested in jumping on board the 8K train and getting one of the highest quality TVs for PS5 around, you will not want to miss this discount. For the holidays, you get $ 800 off the Samsung 8N800 8K TV, which means the standard- $ 3500 65-inch TV is now available for just $ 2800.

Other sizes are also on sale, with the 75-inch model down to $ 3300 and the 85-inch TV selling at $ 4200. Anyone who catches one of these TVs saves a ton of money investing in the future, as there is currently more 4K content than 8K content, especially in movies and games.

8K content may not be prevalent right now, but when some do arrive, you'll be ready and ready to go. It's also worth noting that this TV is perfect for PS5 owners, as the 120hz panel means you can play the list of supported PS5 games at 120 FPS. Any game doing currently supporting native 8K resolution: The Touryst, an indie title available on PS5.

We are unlikely to see a higher discount than this in the remaining days of 2022, so if you really want one of these TVs, you need to work fast. With these aggressive price cuts, nothing tells how long these TVs will be in stock. The only way to make sure you catch one of this holiday season is by buying it as soon as possible, so don't stay around.

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