These wonderful toys and puzzles are theft at special prices pre-Friday

These wonderful toys and puzzles are theft at special prices.jpegsignature517914fc9b5ab99506d9323a41f753a0

TLDR: Not only are these awesome holiday gift ideas ... they are also 15 percent more off for a limited time.

Flash forward a month. You're going to race your brain for an amazing cool holiday gift on a short timeline… and you're going to think back to this moment. Right now. Because this is the time when you could have taken a whirlwind of people off your gift list with all 10 of these fun toys and puzzles featured in this pre - Black Friday show.

And you're really kicking yourself because you could have saved an extra 15 percent off each of those things by using the code SAVE15NOV at checkout. But this agreement was only good for a limited time. And you missed it. If you were not right? Avoid that dark timeline now.

Dancebot Dance Robot ($ 42.49; regular $ 79)

Dancebot… is a robot. Who is dancing. What more do we need to explain here? It's smart as a button, doubles as a speaker, and is packed with a smart dance algorithm that can listen to audio, then eliminate some of the fly's movements associated with the beat. Dancebot even reads bedtime stories to kids. There's a reason this was fully funded on Kickstarter… because no one is turning a dance robot. No one.

Robosen T9 programmable robot ($ 339.99; regular $ 499)

If you ever wanted a Transformer that was truly a true Transformer, then you will lose your mind at the T9. One of the “coolest robot toys ever made” according to The Verge, this AI-powered bot uses over 3,000 state-of-the-art components and 22 proprietary servo motors to stand out, walk, transform, cool stunts, and generally just be like the kick-assingest toy under the tree this year, hands down. It was definitely not on CNET's Coolest Robots list for nothing.

Jamstik Guitar Trainer ($ 169.15; regular $ 229)

This guitar tutorial is only 18 inches long, but it plays and sounds just like a full - size guitar. Packed with apps and software to teach beginners how to look like a pro, this 2022 edition includes an updated tactile d-pad, matte finish, and loaded strings spring for an even more realistic feel and sound. With the companion app, you will have the training to improve your play, all in a package that will help learners work almost anywhere.

PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Products ($ 101.11; regular $ 139)

Add to the band with a pair of both portable drumsticks and power packed full drum equipment without… you know… real, heavy, expensive drums. Connect via Bluetooth to the AeroBand app to learn drumming or improve your skills with immersive game modes. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the best part of PocketDrum is that you can install a pair of earbuds and no one else will hear a single bash or cymbal crash as you Animal out.

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Bluetooth PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled Guitar ($ 29.71; regular $ 40)

If you prefer to go sans guitar stick, then what about a pic sized guitar machine that teaches guitar playing and using instead? Learn the basics of rhythm, all without a full guitar load as you struggle and play chords out of thin air. And when used with your PocketDrum, they also double as foot sensors for kickdrums and other foot - driven foot blows.

Flux Capacitor with Vibrant LED Lighting Kit ($ 46.74; regular $ 64)

Create the epicenter for DeLorean time-travel itself with this cool little recall Back to the Future. With 18 true LEGO bricks, LED lights, and a pre-assembled circuit board, you can follow the instructions to bring your own flux capacitor to life. It's just the beginning of a conversation, of course - as well as just joking away with it.

Arkade FPS Motion Blaster ($ 110.49; regular $ 129.99)

Want to play your favorite first-person shooter games with some firepower that stays up to the game? This Arkade Motion Blaster features a built-in on-board motion sensing system that monitors every move you make in the real world and translates it into your game life for a truly immersive gaming experience . It is compatible with over 100 major games such as Halo, GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Battlefront, and more, and has a battery that can handle up to 14 hours of gameplay at a single charge. This is for true gamers. Really.

Cyber ​​blower: laser blower ($ 90.94; regular $ 145)

Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, this is an elegant weapon for a more civilized day. The Dagger’s aerospace-grade aluminum kilt is precisely ground to position your hand like a glove, while it sports 11 different color variations and a handful of realistic sound effects to evoke fear and surprise, depending on your mood. . Attach the detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready blade and you're ready to restore order to the galaxy. Or at least, your living room.

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