This 4K drone full of flying features is now on sale for less than $ 80

This 4K drone full of flying features is now on.jpegsignatureea5faf79e0884a9e832ddfb49b23eec5

TLDR: This nifty 4K drone model combines precision flight capability with a 4K ready-made camera for great images and video priced at under $ 80.

We could say that the holidays are just around the corner and help you to justify it that way. But really… do you really need authentication to buy a drone? Whether you are looking for a craft to capture amazing video footage, one to enhance your flying skills, or just one to fill someone else's wish list, drones are so affordable and inexpensive now that you don't need to talk to yourself. long before you buy one.

Of course, it will be helpful if the on-board option has checked as many boxes as this GPS 106 Pro with dual HD 4K camera drone from Genius Depot ($ 74.95, 16 percent off, from TNW Deals).

As a label, this flight controller slides into most hands like gloves. Connecting in seconds to any smartphone or even a wireless gaming controller, this headless drone is designed for easy access - as well as easy flight paths. The design of the folding shield makes it particularly easy to install or and get a stable flight from this robust craft. There is even one automatic key return that instantly returns the drone to its starting position with the push of a button.

Speaking of flight stability, this drone is built for exceptiona completely smooth aircraft, with a 3-axis gyroscope for even greater maneuverability, as well as a height control mode function to effectively lock the aircraft to a stable position for better imaging and video. It has a control speed of almost ¾ miles to make it easy to navigate, even when flying at higher altitudes or over longer distances.

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This drone does not disappoint that score either, using a 4K HD camera capable of capturing detail four times more accurately than with 1080 pixels full HD video. Whether you want to take beautiful aerial photography or shoot 4K quality video while flying, this area has all the capabilities to capture just the images pilots are looking for. .

Selling for $ 89, the GPS 106 Pro with Dual HD 4K Camera Drone is now available for nearly $ 15 off, down to just $ 74.95 with the current offer. Plus, customers will get an added bonus: $ 10 in-store credit for use with their next TNW Deals store purchase.

Prices are subject to change

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